WASHINGTON (CBS) – Senate leaders reached a deal Monday to reopen the government, but it was not supported by either Democratic senator from Massachusetts.

Both Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Ed Markey voted against advancing a three-week spending bill that would end the government shutdown.

The Senate vote was 81-18.

Markey released a statement shortly after the vote, saying that the short-term resolution did not resolve issues including Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and spending for hurricane-stricken Puerto Rico.

“I cannot support a budget deal that falls so far short of fulfilling our moral and Constitutional obligation to the American people,” Markey said. “Without guaranteed long-term funding for community health centers, the opioid crisis, disaster aid, and protections for our DREAMers, I cannot support this legislation.”

Markey also went on to say he remains deeply skeptical “of any short-term budget agreement that relies on the good faith commitment of President Donald Trump.”

Warren tweeted after the vote that Republicans have refused to fix the DACA situation, fund community health centers or help hurricane-affected populations.

“We don’t need new promises. We need new laws,” she tweeted.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised to address DACA, border security and increased defense spending if there is no immigration agreement by Feb. 8, according to CBS News.

President Donald Trump signed the bill reopening the federal government late Monday, ending the 69-hour shutdown.

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  1. At the end of the day, it’s all about trust…..which McConnell and certainly the President have not earned. I would however, call their bluff and agree to go to the 8th with the same skepticism as before…AND that the the RNC stops the disgusting ads blaming the Dems for everything. Trump should also stop divisive tweeting but he can’t help himself so that’s a lost cause. What a sad time for our country.

  2. Chuck Roth says:

    Fecal Brained Demoncrats. Treasonous Hacks.

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