BOSTON (CBS) – A Patriots superfan landed a sideline seat for the playoffs using his funny Twitter account.

“I grew up a Boston sports fan,” says Abdul Dremali. “I’m from Egypt. After college, I bought a one-way ticket to Boston and I haven’t looked back.”

Abdul has created a good life for himself here. He’s a techie by day, but a huge Twitter user by night. “I have been talking smack on the internet longer than I haven’t,” he said.

Abdul Dremali (WBZ-TV)

He has over 100,000 Twitter followers. But what does the 29-year-old tweet most about? The Patriots.

“This is so silly to say out loud, but I randomly tweet the Patriots like, ‘goodnight I’ll talk to you in the morning,’ and nobody ever responds,” he said.

Several hours before the game against the Titans, lightning struck. “They slid in my DMs, my direct messages, and said ‘hey we came across an extra ticket, you wanna go?'” Abdul said. “No one ever got from Boston to Foxboro so fast.”

When Abdul got to the stadium, the Patriots also presented him with a field pass. Several selfies later, he found his way to his seat. The super fan and super tweeter finally made it to a Patriots game. All because he loves the team so much, that it caught the attention of the Pats.

“Honestly the most happiest moment of my life,” Dremali said. “I know it sounds like I’m being dramatic but I’ve never felt that much joy.”

And guess what? The Patriots found a ticket to the AFC Championship game for him this Sunday. And when the notice came over his phone, his hi-tech watch started buzzing. “It was telling me my heart rate was too fast! I had to calm down,” he said.


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