BOSTON (CBS) — It’s always difficult for a football team to make a trek to New England while trying to win a playoff game. For the Tennessee Titans, this year’s trip was even more difficult than usual.

The Titans sat on the their plane on the tarmac in Tennessee for about three hours on Friday, according to Paul Kuharsky.

The Titans reporter/radio host reported Friday on the team’s travel delays.

According to reports, 50 passengers were on the plane that slid off the runway, but nobody was injured.

ESPN’s Cameron Wolfe noted that the Titans had initially moved up their mid-afternoon flight due to weather concerns, but the delay ended up forcing them to leave in the mid-afternoon anyway.

The flight from Nashville to Providence is typically about two hours, so adding on three hours to the journey certainly could not have been pleasant for the Titans, who are 13.5-point underdogs for Saturday night’s game in Foxboro.

Travel delays do occasionally happen, and the Patriots found themselves waiting on the tarmac themselves last year in January.

A flight delay on Friday shouldn’t impact the Titans’ performance on Saturday — just so long as Mike Mularkey plans a better bus strategy to the stadium than Bill O’Brien had last year.


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