BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker slammed President Donald Trump for reportedly calling Haiti and African countries “s—holes” during a recent meeting with senators about immigration.

Keller @ Large: Does President Trump Love This Controversy?

Trump denied making the comments, but several senators have said the president did make the remarks.

baker1 Gov. Baker Slams Trumps S   hole Comment As Appalling And Disgraceful

Gov. Charlie Baker slams President Trump for his remarks on Haiti and African countries. (WBZ-TV)

The Republican governor said Trump owes an apology for the comments, which have gained international attention.

“The comments were appalling and disgraceful and have no place anywhere, in public or private discourse. Period. He owes an apology to all the people who he broad brushed with those statements, many of whom came here simply looking for a better life,” Baker said.

Baker said that before his mother died, many of the people who cared for her were Haitian immigrants.

“The Haitian community has been a wonderful community and a very positive way in Massachusetts and we are thrilled and honored to have them here,” said Baker.

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