BOSTON (CBS) – Governor Charlie Baker says the operator of the commuter rail needs to “up their game.”

Keolis Boston has come under heavy criticism from riders and the MBTA for a series of breakdowns, delays and cancellations this winter.

Keolis has been criticized for it response to the January 4 snow storm. (Image credit: Keolis)

At an event at Beverly Hospital Thursday, Baker expressed his frustration with the contractor when asked about the state’s response to the recent brutal weather.

“I think the bus folks did a very good job all the way through the cold snap and the snow. I think the rapid transit system did a pretty good job. But like the T, I have issues with the way the commuter rail handled this stuff and the way Keolis handled it and they need to up their game.”

In a statement, Keolis General Manager and CEO David Scorey apologized for the poor storm performance.

Scorey said Keolis implemented its plan as intended, but added “we fell short in a critical area.”

Equipment was late leaving a maintenance facility on the Friday after the storm because snow clearing ran late. As a result, overnight maintenance was slowed.

“We’ve thoroughly reviewed how this happened, and the issues have been addressed,” said Scorey. “It’s particularly disappointing because we cleared all platforms and all other facilities effectively through the night after the storm, but we fell short in this critical area. We apologize and assure our passengers it won’t happen again.”