BOSTON (CBS) —  It was less than a month ago that Gordon Hayward ditched his walking boot. Now, the injured Celtics forward has done the same to his ankle brace.

In another encouraging sign for Hayward, Celtics president of basketball ops. Danny Ainge tweeted out a photo of his injured star without his ankle brace on Tuesday. In typical Twitter fashion, Hayward retweeted it with the eyes emoji, so we can all begin some wild speculation about a potential return in the near future.

However, C’s head coach Brad Stevens poured some ice water on all the excitement on Wednesday morning.

“I would say that there’s really nothing more to read into,” Stevens said on a conference call from London. “Nothing’s changed with his timeline, this isn’t like a huge ordeal.”

Losing the ankle brace is another positive step forward in his recovery, though it still remains unlikely Hayward will return this season.

Hayward suffered a fractured left ankle just five minutes into his Boston debut on opening night in Cleveland.


  1. Having broken a lot of bones as a kid, I’m focused on the muscle here. The bone may be stronger than before! The “weld” of new bone tissue often makes bone stronger than it was before a break. But the surrounding muscle needs to be strong, or he’ll break it again! Strong muscle tissue helps support an ankle and prevent injury in the same way an Ace bandage does. People keep talking about the bone, but that’s not where the action is here. Gordon’s goal should be to have stronger leg and ankle muscles than he did before the injury. He should support it with a wrap. Then come back slowly. Don’t drive the floor. Stand at the three point line for a while. Gain some confidence. I’m excited! He looked great in a Cs uniform for six minutes.

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