FRAMINGHAM (CBS) — Reminders from officials to clean snow and ice off the roof of your car are commonplace after every New England snowstorm.

As Nikki DeSalliers was forced to drive to work with a broken windshield Monday, she probably hoped the driver of the SUV in front of her had listened.

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“It was terrifying,” Nikki told WBZ-TV. “My memory is almost in slow motion about it.”

A windshield is smashed by a block of snow in Framingham (Photo Courtesy: Nicole DeSalliers)

Nikki said she was driving in the middle lane of the Mass Pike when a thick sheet of snow/ice about a foot long on a car in the right lane flew off and smashed into her windshield.

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“I saw the big chunk of ice, it had to have been a foot long and I saw it coming but you just can’t react fast enough,” Nikki said. “I looked and I never expected to see giant hole in windshield. I could feel the air coming in.”

Afraid the windshield would crumble, Nikki slowly continued down the highway until she made it to her office in Framingham.

The driver responsible? They continued to drive, but Nikki said she was able to get the license plate number. Police were unable to give the driver a citation, though, because she only called police once she had gotten off the Mass Pike.

Nikki escaped her ordeal without a scratch, but she hopes drivers will take the time to clear off their cars.

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“Everyone’s like ‘wow you’re lucky that you didn’t get hurt’ and I think that’s what people need to realize, you can really hurt someone,” Nikki said.