By Christina Hager

BOSTON (CBS) – When a WBZ-TV news crew found Juan Hernandez shoveling his mother’s car out in Boston’s South End Tuesday, he said he was not concerned about anyone taking the spot he spent days clearing out. “I’m actually going to take my chair and my crate and put it here,” he said.

Even though the South End is the one neighborhood where space savers are not allowed, the car was on a street littered with space savers including chairs, a walker, even a witch doll.

witch Boston Drivers Reluctant To Give Up Space Savers After Storm

Witch parking space saver in Boston’s South End (WBZ-TV)

In Brighton this weekend, a resident reported a space saver that came with a nasty note. “Take this and expect your windows to be broken.”

“We’re gonna be out there picking them up,” said Mayor Marty Walsh. The city allowed space savers for 48 hours after Thursday’s storm, but that deadline has come and gone. Now Walsh says the city will remove them with the trash.

space Boston Drivers Reluctant To Give Up Space Savers After Storm

Space saver in Boston (WBZ-TV)

“The fact that there are notes and threats and stuff like that left on cars is unheard of. It’s a criminal offense,” said Walsh.

“You can see the snow is pretty high,” said Hernandez, who believes the city should allow a special grace period due to the volume of snow. “There’s still four feet of it now on the street nobody’s done anything about.”

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