WINTHROP (CBS) — Winthrop residents living in neighborhoods still frozen after last week’s flooding are worried that warmer temperatures this week will bring a second wave of water.

Thursday’s blizzard flooded some of the town’s streets so badly that affected residents have still not been able to properly shovel away snow and ice.

Al Lagee, the Commissioner of Inspectional Services, told WBZ-TV Monday that they are not ticketing any residents at this point.

He said officials understood that many communities, including the Morton/Bank Street area and the Shirley Street/Grand View area, were hit hard by flooding during last week’s blizzard.

The water soaked streets have turned into ice.

Four days after the storm, some cars still appeared to be encased in ice.

Due to the difficult circumstances, affected residents have leeway when it comes to shoveling out, though they were asked to clean their sidewalks and cars in an as timely and practical manner as possible.

The Inspectional Services Department was also working to make note of any handicap and disabled residents who needed help with snow removal and sending crews to them.

Lagee said his largest concern was kids walking to school: he doesn’t want them to fall and hurt themselves on ice or get hit if they are forced to walk in the street.

According to the Town Manager’s Office, DPW crews were still working to remove snow and widen roads on Monday.

“The town is working directly with residents who experienced flooding or other damage to their homes, and they will be held harmless. However, residents who are not in the flood impact areas who disregard their responsibility for clearing sidewalks so that residents and schoolchildren can walk safely to their destinations, will eventually face fines of $25 for a first offense or $50-$100 for subsequent offenses,” said Town Manager Terence Delehanty.

The snow parking ban was lifted Sunday at noon and residents had until Sunday night to remove their cars from municipal lots.


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