FALMOUTH (CBS) – A 1-year-old girl has life-threatening injuries after she was attacked by the family dog, authorities say.

Falmouth police say the girl was playing in the kitchen with her father nearby Sunday morning when the pit bull terrier attacked and bit her in the face.

Her father was unable to separate the dog from the child, police said. He grabbed a pistol but when he realized it was unloaded he picked up a knife and stabbed the pit bull.

First responders arrived to the home on Brick Kiln Road just before 9 a.m. An ambulance took the girl to Falmouth Hospital, where she was then flown by helicopter to a Boston area hospital.

A 1-year-old girl is prepared to be flown to a Boston hospital after a pit bull attack. (Photo credit: David Curran/SatelliteNewsService.com)

Her condition was not immediately known but Falmouth fire Lt. Scott Stanbard told WBZ-TV her injuries are believed to be life-threatening.

The dog was fatally wounded by the owner, police said.

The family has owned the pit bull for five years and it has no known history of violence or aggression, according to a preliminary police investigation.

Neighbor Anne Mello was shocked when she learned the news.

“Never seen the dog aggressive in any such way. On a couple occasions my dog got loose and ran over to his dog and it never showed any aggression. It seemed like a normal pet dog,” she said.

The attack appeared to be unprovoked, but authorities are investigating.

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  1. Just a pit bull doing what we bred into its genes to do — mutilate, maim and kill. You cannot love the genetics out of an animal.

    In 2017, pit bulls killed 1 person every 9 days, sent thousands more maimed and disabled to hospitals with ruinous medical bills, and killed 30,000 other pets. But the pit nutters will keep on saying, “it’s all how you raise ’em”, and secretly fund Dodo and other FB videos posing pit bulls next to infants to convince the masses that these murder machines are sweet and lovable.

  2. Every year pit bulls kill infants. Dippy parents allow pits around their kids… and sometimes… this is what happens. Don’t be dippy.

  3. West Bond says:

    This breed of dog is nothing more than a land shark.

  4. Tony Solesky says:

    From the year 2000 to presently in 2017, Takata airbags caused 13 deaths and 180 injuries, from among 42 million affected USA cars on the road, activating the largest recall in US history. Since 2016 IKEA children furniture killed 8 toddlers, implementing measures recalling 17 million children’s chests of drawers.

    During this same time frame, pit bulls have caused 328 US deaths. From among the CDC estimated each year, 4.5 million dog bites in America -an incident rate greater than 1 every 15 seconds – Just like the child in this attack, Pit Bulls cause multi thousands of Trauma level 1 injuries . In 2017 alone, pit bulls caused 28 US deaths, along with 2.5 Trauma level 1 wounded daily. Pit Bulls make up about 6 to 7 million of the estimated 86 to 90 million dogs in the USA.

    I wonder out loud why with Zero (0) public resistance, Takata airbags and IKEA furniture combined for (21) deaths in the last 18 years leading to two of the biggest recalls in USA history? How on the other hand, on far more grossly horrific numbers and (7) more deaths beyond the recalls combined totals, people advocate for pit bulls, a completely unnecessary risk in pet keeping ?

    Would pit bull kooks think it would be cute to have a Pit Bull sitting in the front seat riding in a car with faulty airbags? How about a Pit Bull with its bed placed at the foot of some IKEA furniture? No but they do not hesitate to have them around their own children

  5. Joanna Zizzi says:

    The blood of this child is on the hands of every organization that promotes Pit bulls as safe pets. Not every pit will snap, but genetics say it’s not worth the risk. Now we read his, and the, famous last words- “He never showed any aggression before.”

  6. Pit bulls were created and selectively bred for the purposes of attacking, fighting and killing.

    Why would anyone be surprised when pit bulls attack, fight and kill?

    Why are we still breeding fighting dogs?

    It is time to tell the pit bull lobby and pit advocates that educated people are on to their lies. These dogs are dangerous and need to be banned.

  7. De Robinson says:

    I think it is bad to have a Pitbull then bring a child in to the family. I really beleive people need to think things out. I feel so sorry fr the family and that poor little girl. Prayers.I am not saying Pitbulls (all) are horrid///just not a childs dog.

    1. No De… they ARE all horrid animals. Pit bull breeds, by the genetics selectively highlighted within them, are inherently dangerous– and it just doesn’t matter how “Wonderful” the owner is.

  8. I have a number of friends who completely trust their pits and their tiny children. I can’t imagine taking the risk. Many (in my own family) wholeheartedly believe ‘it’s how they are raised’. I suspect the families in some of these tragedies believed that as well. This is just horrifying and something that little girl will never overcome, if the poor thing lives. So, so sad.

  9. Char Chez says:

    I don’t care what the pitbull lovers will say…I do not believe this man would have left his 1 year old in the company of this dog if he thought this would happen. And happen it does to pit bull owners who wouldn’t think their dog would attack anyone. Article after article on infants in the family, children in the family, adults in the family, elderly in the family, visitors, neighbors, and strangers who have no control over the dog their neighbors chose to own, but have to suffer the consequences of these dogs.

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