DUXBURY (CBS) – Emergency crews in Duxbury are working with state emergency management crews to assist residents in flooded neighborhoods that are now icing up with dangerously cold temperatures.

Frozen fire hydrants, streets hardened by ice, and downed trees and power lines are some of the remnants of the blizzard that pummeled the region on Thursday.

(Duxbury Fire Department photo)

Duxbury is among coastal communities that were hit particularly hard when streets flooded, forcing residents who live along the water to evacuate from their homes.

(Duxbury Fire Department photo)

The driveway of a home in the area of King Caesar Road was completely flooded after high tide around noon on Thursday.

The driveway of a home in the area of King Caesar Road in Duxbury. (Duxbury Harbormaster pic)

Duxbury Public Schools were closed on Friday as crews worked to deal with the massive cleanup.

Duxbury firefighers “responded to 36 emergencies in the last 24 hours… We appreciate all the kind words and support as a fresh shift of firefighters are coming on duty,” the Duxbury Fire Department tweeted Friday morning.

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