By Paul Burton

GLOUCESTER (CBS) – Tires stuck in ice and car doors frozen shut.

The parking lot at Gloucester High School was a car graveyard thanks to the unpredictable, and unbelievable storm surge that buried dozens vehicles during yesterday’s high tide. The cars are now a total loss.

gloucester parking lot transferxcode mix179 new 01 Dozens Of Gloucester Cars Destroyed During Blizzard

Gloucester High School parking lot. (Photo courtesy: Ed Caden)

“I feel like crying, I have no car,” Bonnie O’Lando cried.

Folks spent the day on Friday trying to salvage whatever they can.

gloucester parking lot 5p pkg transfer1 Dozens Of Gloucester Cars Destroyed During Blizzard


Chris Bowers and Kyra Limberakis plan to marry this April. Their gift list will now need to include a new car.

“The car completely flooded up to the roof,” Limberakis said.

Bowers stands in disbelief.

“My family is from Louisiana so flooding is not foreign but we just we never thought it would happen here,” he said.

gloucester parking lot 2 transfer1 Dozens Of Gloucester Cars Destroyed During Blizzard


And neither did the city.

In fact, city officials asked residents to park their cars here while the parking ban was in effect.

Now more than 50 cars are destroyed.

“It’s an unfortunate situation. We’ve never had a storm surge like this in the city. This parking lot was flooded. They can’t be salvaged. They were all under water and floating,” Gloucester Chief Administrator Jim Destino said.

Limberakis is frustrated over the loss of her car.

“We had no idea there was no other place to park. This is where we were told to park and then they got flooded,” she said.

Folks now hope their insurance will cover the cost like the storm covered their cars.

“As far as responsibility for the damage of the cars, it’s an act of God. It’s a storm,” Destino said.

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