TEWKSBURY (CBS) — The race is on, only this time the finish line is the checkout counter.

Grocery stores across the state sported empty shelves Wednesday night after shoppers stocked up on milk, eggs, and a few extra items.

bread The Pre Storm Grocery Store Dash: Whats It About?

Bread flies off the shelves at a Tewksbury Market Basket (WBZ-TV | Mike LaCrosse)

So why do people really need the milk and bread specifically?

“I keep asking the same question, but in case we lose power at least I can eat cereal or make a PB&J,” said Ali Smith. She, along with many others, was scavenging through the Market Basket in Tewksbury.

For some, the only explanation is that as humans, we go into survival mode.

“I mean it’s better safe than sorry. Right? It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it right,” said one man.

Shopper Lou Contis might have had a similar mentality. Contis was looking for “cold cuts, dairy products, snacks, mainly stuff to carry you over.”

One shopper cited the aftermath of the blizzard of 1978.

We found others have ulterior motives, though.

“Cookies, cookies are my weakness,” admitted one woman.


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