By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Here comes what may be the biggest storm around here since the Winter from H-E-Double hockey sticks in 2015, and you know what that means – driving tomorrow is going to be a mess.

If you need extra persuading to stay off the roads, check out the video of the fatal 75-car pileup they had on 1-90 in upstate New York yesterday. It might make more sense to pay attention to our forecasters and hunker down at home.

But if you must go out, please use common sense. I often see drivers out in the snow who think the idea is to dodge as many snowflakes as possible by stepping on the gas. Conversely, drivers who slow to a crawl don’t help the situation either. Look around, observe what the traffic flow is, and use common sense. If you don’t have some, rent some.

With a deep freeze coming  in right behind this storm, you’ve got to get the mess shoveled out fast. But remember to follow the golden rules of Boston storm cleanup:

  • Don’t throw snow into the street;
  • Don’t expect an early spring to bail you out;
  • And if you shovel out a parking space, no space saver is needed – other Bostonians will always respect your hard work and leave the space to you!

And a final tip – the era of leaving snow and ice all over your car windows and roof and getting away with it is rapidly drawing to a close.

From increased efforts by police to enforce the law banning such hazardous behavior (a $200 fine is involved) to the social-media shaming wrought by the ubiquity of smartphone cameras, the message is clear: no more clearing a grapefruit-sized hole in the front windshield and leaving it at that, and no more leaving mounds of ice and snow on the roof where they can easily fly off and put your life and that of others at risk.

You’ve got to get access to the roof and start clearing this stuff off as soon as the storm ends. If you can’t do it, you’ve got to get someone to help you do it.

And if you can’t get someone to help you do it, leave the car in the driveway until June.

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