PLYMOUTH (CBS) — Supermarkets weren’t the only stores seeing an uptick in traffic the day before Thursday’s big storm.

Morrison’s Power Equipment in Plymouth sells generators and snowblowers and almost had a line out the door.

Scott Estes was there to get a refresher course on his snowblower. “I’m going to use it, you know, first time. Then I’m probably going to do my neighbors driveways too, just to keep them happy,” he said.

Morrison’s Power Equipment in Plymouth (WBZ-TV)

Scott Morrison of Morrison’s Power Equipment called the day “extremely hectic, but good, good for business.”

“I’ll sleep well tonight,” he added.

Plymouth Fire Department Chief Ed Bradley said, “It looks like with the type of wind and the heavy snow we are going to get, loss of power is a probability.”

Eversource also warned the high winds and cold expected from the storm will cause power outages, mainly because of downed trees.

Utility crews are placed at key places to allow them to act quickly but homeowners who lose power could be without heat for several days.

Tree clearing crews in Plymouth (WBZ-TV)

Dave Souther of South Shore Tree Removal was working on some trees in Plymouth. He said some homeowners were not taking any chances.

“I wanted [the trees] down before the storm came, so that’s why we are here late in the day,” he said.