SALEM (CBS) – A local animal shelter says a dog is now looking for “a new home with someone who will love her forever” after she was found outside in the brutal cold.

Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem said in a Facebook post that the dog had been tied to a bench outside the shelter for 45 minutes in 7-degree temperatures Tuesday morning.

“Maybe we’ll never know the name she has always known, what she has been through, or why you didn’t go to another door at our building to talk to someone instead of just leaving her tied up but she gobbled up a warm meal and is wrapped in blankets and getting warm,” the shelter posted.

The Facebook post has gone viral, earning more than 4,000 shares in three hours.

The dog, now named Iceland, is already getting adoption offers.

The shelter shared photos of a woman with the dog outside the shelter’s doors, as well as an SUV driving away.

“She could have done better for this little dog,” said Jenna Bradley of Northeast Animal Shelter. “She did the right thing by coming to the shelter, but leaving a dog out in this kind of weather is really dangerous.”

Simply banging on the door would have summoned one of several workers inside, workers who eventually discovered the dog 45 minutes later.

Iceland was abandoned outside a Salem animal shelter (WBZ-TV)

Authorities would love to track down the owner to get some background information.

“We’re not out to hang this woman,” said Salem Police Officer Don Famico.

Police acknowledge that abandoning the dog in single digit temperatures might well qualify as a felony, despite the woman’s apparent intent.

“You can drop a baby at a fire station, or a church without penalty, that’s what she did, she brought it to the shelter,” Famico said.

Police are asking anyone with information to call 978-744-0171 ext 121 or email to