By Bill Shields

HINGHAM (CBS) – Ice is a fact of life around New England in the winter, but this bitter cold spell we’ve been enduring has created ice that’s a little early and very thick.

In Hingham, the ice was so powerful it damaged the dock pilings where the MBTA commuter boat comes in. So Tuesday, 2,500 riders had to find another way into the city. Most just hopped on the Greenbush Line in West Hingham.

Dock for Hingham commuter ferry damaged by ice (WBZ-TV)

And some say ice shouldn’t have come as a surprise . “I do feel like we’re New Englanders maybe we could have thought of this ahead of time?” one commuter said. “But it’s not the end of the world to take the train instead.”

MBTA officials say the fix is going to take a while, because repair equipment is trapped by ice in East Boston.

Bill Shields