MARSHFIELD (CBS) – The timing of Thursday’s storm could not be much worse and there is a heightened concern of damage along the coastal areas of the state.

A big bright winter moon hangs in the sky, but clouds are growing by the minute. The South Shore is already icebound; places like Gunrock Beach are frozen in time.

Now a big storm is coming and in Marshfield, they worry about sections of seawall that need to be repaired.

gunrock Coastal Towns Prepare For Flooding Ahead Of Winter Storm

Gunrock Beach in Hull (WBZ-TV)

“We’ve got an astronomically high tide and with a storm surge of one and a half to two feet, we’re expected to have some moderate flooding in the Brant Rock area and some other parts of town that normally flood which means we’d have to shut down the roadways,” said Marshfield Police Chief Phillip Tavares.

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Pat Ducey’s house in the heart of Brant Rock is only about 30 yards from the seawall and she knows what nor’easters can do.

2017 weather alert tides times Coastal Towns Prepare For Flooding Ahead Of Winter Storm

(WBZ-TV graphic)

“We’ve had storms here, that the water comes rushing down the road even though it’s blocked up, up there, it looks like a raging river and that’s scary,” Ducey said. “For one thing I can’t swim!”

Places like Quincy and Weymouth are also getting ready, spreading the word. The harbor by Fore River Bridge is already clogged with ice, soon to be combined with snow.


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