By Louisa Moller

LOWELL (CBS) – Classes at Lowell High School will be canceled on Wednesday due to an ongoing issue with the school’s heating system.

Parents say some classrooms at the school built in 1922 have been frigid for weeks. One student sent his mother a picture of his cold, purple hand. Another snapped a photo of a thermometer measuring the temperature at roughly 45 degrees.

A student says they took this photo of a thermometer in Lowell High School (WBZ-TV)

“They were still having swim class and there’s no heat in the pool area. There’s no heat in the locker rooms. There’s no heat in the gym. It’s all freezing,” said Ann Draper, whose son is a senior.

Freshman, Moussa Dienta, said the cold makes it difficult to concentrate in the classroom. “I didn’t want to go to school tomorrow because of how cold it was,” Dienta said.

Lowell High School (WBZ-TV)

Draper claims the district has not explained what is being done to remedy the problem.

“It’s not being addressed. We don’t know why and it should be an emergency,” she said.

Lowell High School Head of School, Marianne Busteed, sent WBZ an email that said in part, “we are doing everything we can to move affected classrooms and address each area of concern and will make sure that students have a comfortable and safe learning environment.”

Louisa Moller

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