BOSTON (CBS) — The Patriots have a lot they want to accomplish before the 2017 season ends. But in terms of looking ahead, the Patriots at least know who they’ll be playing and where they’ll be playing those games in the 2018 season.

With the 2017 standings finalized, the Patriots know their 2018 opponents. They will play each AFC East team twice, they will play all four AFC South teams, they will play all four NFC North teams, and they will play the first-place finishers in the AFC West and AFC North.

Notably, the Patriots will host the Green Bay Packers, as Aaron Rodgers will likely be on a Comeback Player Of The Year path after missing most of the 2017 season. Deshaun Watson will also return to Gillette Stadium, where he shined in his first career road start earlier this season.

Patriots 2018 Opponents

New York Jets
Green Bay
Kansas City

New York Jets

The field features six playoff teams — Buffalo, Kansas City, Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, Minnesota and Tennessee.

In what became a question for several years when the Patriots hosted the Broncos for four straight years prior to the Broncos’ hosting the Patriots for three straight years, it’s noteworthy that the Patriots will have to travel to Pittsburgh next season for the third straight year. Such instances are generally quirks of the schedule-making process, and it’s both benefited and negatively impacted the Patriots against some top AFC teams through the years.

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  1. why do the pats always go to pittsburg

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