Johnson Bademosi Explains His Amazing Sideline Flop Vs. Jets

BOSTON (CBS) — The Patriots’ 26-6 win over the Jets in Week 17 was not the world’s most exciting football game. It was more about the Patriots taking care of business and the Jets trying to get to their offseason.

But the game was not without its share of highlights, one of which had nothing to do with the scoreboard or the play on the field.

It came from Patriots cornerback Johnson Bademosi, who tried to make the most of a bad situation after the found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The quick back story: With the Jets trailing 21-3 in the third quarter, Robby Anderson went up to catch a pass on the left sideline. Malcolm Butler pushed him out of bounds during the catch process, leading to Anderson completing the catch out of bounds. Upset with the incompletion and apparently unhappy after getting shoved through the Patriots’ sideline, Anderson got to his feet and spiked the football with rage. (That probably warranted a delay of game or unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Anderson, but perhaps the two officials standing nearby felt bad enough for quarterback Bryce Petty and didn’t want to make his day more difficult.)

The ball bounced up and hit Bademosi directly in the chin. Upon realizing that he had a chance to draw a 15-yard penalty on Anderson, Bademosi fell to the turf in a spectacular display of art and pageantry. See for yourself.

After the game, WBZ-TV’s Steve Burton was talking to Patriots safety Duron Harmon, and the flop was obviously topic No. 1. Upon hearing the discussion, Bademosi joined the discussion to explain himself.

“The ball hit me … and I lost balance for a second,” Bademosi said, barely believing his own words. “I tried to keep it, that’s why, you know … I got weak in one side.”

Burton asked Bademosi when he made the decision to tumble.

“It’s not a decision,” he answered. “It just kind of happens.”

Watch the full interview in the video above from Sports Final!

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