BOSTON (CBS) – Darrell Jones speaks from a heart of forgiveness, faith and focus.

“I’m the one saying here right now, bring me the new trial, I fought for the new trial,” Jones said.

He’s been locked up for more than three decades for a murder he says he never committed.

“I know that God opened the door for me, and I had my grandchildren, and my family to be around so touching them in the flesh, that’s freedom,” Jones said.

Jones was released on bail after being incarcerated for 32 years. He is now waiting to see if he will be tried again after a Superior Court Judge ruled he did not get a fair trial when he was convicted in 1986 of killing a Brockton drug dealer.

“The man that died, what I realized, nobody’s talking about him, no family’s here, no one came to court, no one came to court when I got convicted for him,” Jones said. “So now I’m kind of an advocate for both of us.”

WBZ-TV caught up with Jones back in 2008 when he was promoting his film Voices From Behind the Wall, helping teens avoid the same prison wall that robbed him of his freedom. While in prison, Jones lost his son to violence and never got the chance to attend his funeral.

“I have to be at peace between the violence that occurred with my son,” Jones said. “Accept it, in order to do something greater, and I’m going to do the greater.”

The 50-year-old Jones is dedicating his life to fighting for other innocent prisoners who were falsely convicted and to promote peace.

He also thanks all those who helped him gain his freedom. “Every opportunity I get to encourage and help others in a God like manor,” Jones said. “My attorney, for the Innocence Project, Lisa Kavanaugh, she should be on every station going because she can find the ones in the dark and that says a lot.”

  1. For a running history of this case and prison interviews and courtroom video visit Darrell Jones Innocent Blog. I have been working with Darrell Jones for eight (8) years now and always dreamed of this day. He’s a Good Man who got a Raw Deal.

    The Prosecutor knew it when I cornered him in Court about a year ago.


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