HYANNIS (CBS) – A Cape Cod PetSmart employee was seriously injured when a dog being groomed attacked her.

Barnstable Police say the 22-year-old woman was grooming the pit bull mix at the Hyannis store when he bit down on her arm. The dog would not let go despite air horns and a special spray being used.

The victim suffered severe wounds to her torso, wrist and hand. She was taken to Cape Cod Hospital and later flown to Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston for treatment.

She told police the dog was wearing a muzzle when his owner brought him in to be groomed Wednesday morning. According to the police report, the owner said the dog was “as sweet as can be” and was wearing the muzzle because he had previously attacked another dog.

The victim told the owner that it was store policy to remove the muzzle in the grooming area. PetSmart says they are investigating the incident.

The dog was released to the owner and ordered to be kept under in-house quarantine for 10 days.

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  1. Marie Petto says:

    I am an animal control officer and I have seen 5 bite reports from the local Petsmart and Petco, this month. All the reports I have dealt with involved small breed dogs. Dogs get stressed out at the groomer so unfortunately it is not uncommon for groomers to be bitten. PetSmart may want to rethink the muzzle removing policy….. I can understand when dogs are under a dryer/heat it would be dangerous for them to have the typical muzzle as some do not allow the dog to pant properly but basket type muzzles address that issue.
    I hope the groomer makes a quick recovery.

    1. Michael Wood says:

      Yeah, we know the little ones statistically are more nippy….. But when in the heII is the last time a miniature Schnauzer mauled or maimed someone?

    2. Marie: WHY in the world would you go to this extreme to try to protect VICIOUS DOGS??? Yes, we ALL know that small dogs nip; from the Queen’s Corgi’s (who go for the Achilles’ tendon when the “people/cattle” aren’t moving down the hallways of Buckingham Palace fast enough), to Aunt Amy’s little Boston Bull Terriers (who just don’t like to be touched), to Grandma’s toy poodle (who is over indulged and doesn’t brook fools) to Cousin Elaine’s Schnauzer (who always seems to be in a bad mood). WE KNOW THAT! You do not have to tell us that story because we KNOW all about the snappy poodles and the temperamental terriers! We approach them knowing they might take offense, but THEY ARE NOT KILLERS! They may raise a red welt, but they will NEVER break the skin, NOR KILL THEIR OWN MASTERS!!! They are trying to protect themselves WHEN THEY ARE SUBJECTED TO HUMAN INTERACTION!!

      However, PIT BULLS (and the rare occasional Chow or Rottweiler) ARE KILLERS WHO WILL ATTACK WITH NO NOTICE!!!! And, they will BITE and MAUL and ATTACK UNTIL their prey is DEAD! Making excuses for a vicious horrid breed does not excuse their criminal behavior. I don’t care how many excuses are made, we do NOT need “pit bulls.” It is a breed that has no reason for being other than to INTIMIDATE and THREATEN and KILL! (Ask Michael Vick!) It is past time to GET RID OF THIS BREED! It’s not like we don’t have other dogs to love; the problem is that this dog is NOT a loving breed, but a reason for NASTY PEOPLE to intimidate others! Look at how this silly owner claimed that this dog was “as sweet as can be” (but wears a muzzle for other reasons). LIE! Get rid of the breed and tell these people to get a gun and not an animal for protection, since they know nothing about dogs!

      Another thing, Marie, HOW MANY times are pit bulls taken to the groomer? I would guess very rarely which is why your figures are suspect! And, WHY would one take a pit bull to the groomer anyway (I’ve never seen one at our groomers, ever). The only reason is to possibly get his nails trimmed and/or a bath, which can both be done while wearing a muzzle. There is NO EXCUSING this vicious beasts behavior by blaming the NIPS of small dogs who have a genuine reason for reacting (sometimes, groomers HARM DOGS) and the dog has a very good reason to react and protect itself. Your post is not factual nor fair! I will take a BITE by a poodle before a PIT BULL ATTACK any day of the week.

    3. Rabbitnexus says:

      Not sure what your definition of “small breeds” is but this was unsurprisingly a PIT BULL mix, so please don’t be trying to deflect what is unfortunately the most significant point at issue. Indeed there is no such thing as a “small breed” which might seriously be recognised as a PIT BULL mix or otherwise! One is sort of forced to conclude you might be a deluded owner of such a breed attempting to deflect in a rather clumsy way. Small breed dogs are indeed more nasty and inclined to bitey-ness (sic) I would agree, however “small breed” dogs don’t usually manage to maim and kill and send their victims to hospital. Pitt Bulls and Pit Bull mixes DO. Pretty much every time!

  2. Lar Jam says:

    My sister in law and son were mauled by their pet pit bull, they were a loving family that included their pet in everything. The pit bull all the sudden went berzerk found out that it was because they were trimming trees with a chain saw next door. Nothing to do with the owner at all, only because of a noise and stress that was uncontrollable. They now live with permanent scars on face and arms. The pet was rightfully put to sleep.

    1. My family had a similar experience. We had a dog who was part pitbull. She was well loved by our family and we treated her wonderfully. One day, without any provoking, she attacked our jack Russell terrier (who pretty much left her alone usually). We dangled treats in front of her, screamed, did everything we could to try to distract her, but she would not let go. She nearly killed him (he was luckily saved when we were finally able to rush him to the vet and get him into immediate surgery). We also had her put down. We couldn’t have a dog that could turn so easily like that.

    1. Rabbitnexus says:

      I bet if it came down to a vote, you’d be elected the lucky winner who ‘deserved it’

  3. Sorry, but that’s a dangerous breed. How many injuries and deaths will it take?

  4. “As sweet as can be” ….. chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp

  5. Leslie Green says:

    Pitbulls are more often than not, “babies”. But… they can turn on a dime when threatened or frightened… they are very sensitive. My question is;;why would anyone take their short haired dog to the groomer? There’s nothing to do with them. The owner, who the dogs loves, should bathe him and a groomer can cut the nails quickly if they’re resistant to nail trimming. My sister actually has hers sedated before cutting them. If the owner puts a muzzle on the dog, there’s a reason for it. The groomer didn’t “read” the dog well. Hope she heals quickly.

    1. The groomer didn’t do a thing wrong. The store policy was to remove the muzzle. The woman was seriously mauled. Other people were hitting the dog, throwing water on it and it didn’t let go. The blame lies solely with the owner.

    2. Rabbitnexus says:

      I hope nobody trying to defend these bloody minded beasts (pit bulls and pit bull mixes) either directly or by stealth as some are obviously trying, is NOT such a hypocrite to be FOR GUN CONTROL! Because a PIT BULL or PIT BULL cross (Aussie ex farmer who has had several) is the same thing as a loaded gun, left lying around anywhere your kids and anybody else, can get their fingers (or throat) on it!

  6. Gil Sharp says:

    Try telling this to the young 22 year old lady in Virginia. She was found with her two “pets” as they were eating her rib cage last weekend.

    1. Any dog will bite out of fear or pain. But most dogs don’t have the ability to crush your bone and endure being beaten on the head to loosen their grip. But pits and I have one thing in common, we both like good ribs.

  7. Keith Panco says:

    There are only 2 types of pitbulls. Those that have mauled a human, and those who are yet to maul a human.

    1. Al says:

      Finally, someone who tells it like it is. Seems like every week there is a pit bull mauling in the news. Unfortunately, the victims are usually small children. 9 out of 10 dogs in adoption centers are pits or pit mixes. Ever wonder why? C’mon folks, a little common sense here.

    2. You nailed it!!! If anyone bothers to check statistics…of all breeds involved in attacking humans…pit bulls alone are responsible for 71% of attacks. “buy mine hasn’t”….YET.

      1. Rabbitnexus says:

        More significantly Pit Bulls are involved in 95% of fatal attacks.

  8. Klondike Cat says:

    its the breed! Bad reputation earned.

  9. If the owner didn’t disclose it was a pitbull mix charge the owner. Strict liability for dangerous animals.

  10. Please… The only reason this is reported is because it was a Pit Bull. What about the countless dog attacks that happen that go unreported? It is not news unless it’s a pit bull. It is very unfortunate that the population can be programmed to believe something that is not real. The most dangerous animal to ever walk this earth is the HUMAN !

    1. Dan Roth says:

      What at all does that nonsense have to do with what happened here? This dog acted exactly the way pit bulls and their mixes do. It clamped on hard and would not release. They do the same thing to other dogs too. Anything or apparently nothing can trigger them and the owner is not exempt.

      1. “What at all does that nonsense have to do with what happened here?” Wow ! You are easily programmed are you not ? I work with and train ALL breeds of dogs and the dog that has the highest bite force is the Mastiff which is around 550 pounds. Knowing how the media writes garbage anymore, they tend to go with the 2000 pound bite force as gospel for a Pit Bulls bite strength. This is wrong all together since bite force was originally measured in Newtons which is no more then .22 pounds per Newton. When you make the conversion which 2000 Newtons equals close to 450 pounds. Instead of being a zombie and following what the ill informed media write about to sell more of their propaganda garbage, maybe you should do your own research before commenting on a subject you obviously no nothing about. So Dan, I would suggest you read up on Jim Crosby to start, since he is the best when it comes to ALL breeds of dogs. He has worked with dogs that have killed people and FYI, they are not all Pit Bulls. Again, the worst animal to ever walk the earth is HUMAN !

      2. Michael Wood says:

        I’m starting to think a pit bull should come with a leash and a .45 and a warning notice :Shoot pit-bull until weapon empty in case of attack.

  11. Pit owners are blinded by their love for their pet, they don’t see the risk. Pits should be eliminated or at least purposefully bred out of existence.

  12. Mark Steele says:

    An animal known to attack another, and corporate says remove the muzzle ? Sounds like a lawsuit against the employer. In addition, pit bulls needs to be exterminated, every single last one of them.

  13. ‘The victim told the owner that it was store policy to remove the muzzle in the grooming area.’
    Are they insane? That muzzle is there for a reason.

  14. Franks Gross says:

    lets just remove that safety device called a muzzle. what difference does it make? owner should go after petsmart for removing the dogs muzzle…

  15. Keith Sansom says:

    Sick of every time one of these monsters kills someone the legions come out with the b.s. of how gentle they are. Pit Bulls are a loaded gun with a hair trigger and every last one should be destroyed.

  16. Karl Kolpin says:

    Whenever I see a person with a pit bull I can’t help but make the assumption that there’s a serious flaw in their IQ and/or character

  17. You could all probably read this posted by the Huff Post. Certainly not a “red neck” type off paper by any stretch of the imagination. The writer tells it far better than any of you out there.


    1. Great article… This sums it up. It is easy however easy to program people to think a certain way by saying and writing the same B.S. on any subject as often as possible. I SMH in regards to most of the comments which only proves my point which is people are easily programmed to believe anything.

  18. Plutonian008 says:

    The fault is with Pet Smart for making their employees remove the muzzles. I would have killed that beast!

  19. Jack Chavez says:

    I work in an emergency department and 90% of dog bites are from Pit Bulls usually from a loving pet who has “never done something like this before.” It may be true that certain breeds may bite more than Pit Bulls but you hear about Pit Bulls because of the massive amount of damage they do. Do yourself and your family a favor and avoid this dangerous and unpredictable breed.

  20. caffeineator says:

    Once a dog bites a human, there is an 87% chance he will bite again. The first time opens that door. Best thing? Put the dog down. He is an animal. If simply killing his seems like a waste, give him to a Korean family. They will put him to good use.

  21. Jesse Magee says:

    I’ve worked in Animal Control/Pet Rescue for many years. I unconditionally love animals. Over the years I’ve seen many Pit Bulls that are the sweetest animals I’ve ever been around. But due to experience I never fully trust a Pit Bull. Pits have been bred to be vicious. It’s in the bloodline at this point. The main problem is that they are very sensitive dogs who tend toward being “one master” animals. Take them out of their home environment or make them feel insecure or threatened and they WILL attack. When they attack, they are relentless. I would NEVER trust a Pit Bull with a groomer, a dog walker or around any child. And they can never be trusted around other dogs. No matter how well you THINK you know a Pit Bull you can never count on what they will do. That obviously goes for other breeds as well but Pit Bulls are a special case.- If you think otherwise you do so at your own peril.

  22. We had a dog with painful hip dysplasia; who would snap if handled wrongly. Petsmart refused to mussel her and she nipped the groomer’s face. This policy is bad for the groomers and could get a dog wrongly labelled as dangerous.

  23. Spin Cycle says:

    The breed is only dangerous because humans have bred it to be powerful and aggressive. You really can’t blame the dog for this you must blame the people who created this breed, and the people who think they can change their instinctive traits with love and affection..

    And you have to wonder how smart the people are who buy pit bulls as family pets. This just isn’t a good choice for a family pet. I have never heard of a Golden Retriever mauling anyone.

  24. Eric Jones says:

    Enough is enough; make it a felony to let a pit bull unleashed in public or ban these dogs outright. Anybody who lets one around young children should have their head examined.

  25. Pitbulls are “Land Sharks”..everybody knows this. They are also a massive litigation hazard. Lawyers knows this.

  26. “Oh, but pit bulls are harmless. Only those with bad owners do bad things. If you disagree, you’re ‘ignorant’!.”

    So say the pit bull cultists.

  27. This was not a pit bull. Pit bulls are short haired dogs that don’t need grooming.

  28. When are the ignorant anti-social gangster types who thumb their nose at society going to be arrested for owning dangerous dogs banned in every single country in Europe? Oh, I see, US and Canadians know better LOL. I’m sick of this debate really. Why does society reward assssholes who have vicious dogs with locking jaws? Oh poor gangstas, can’t be see with a Yorkie. I don’t even care where a person is from, I say deport any owner of a Pit Bull and send them to Mexico whether they are Mexican or not. This country does not need to reward or tolerate the attitude of anti-social people who use their dogs as weapons of mass destruction. To HELL with them.

  29. I am opposed to the killing of animals, but all dangerous animals must be controlled — for obvious reasons. It is difficult, if not impossible, to ban the ownership of a “breed”, because now interbreeding. Size and strength (and perhaps “breed” history) could be factors in any laws to protect the public.

  30. moderncicero says:

    Released to the owner? The dog should have been released to the pet morgue and the owner should be in jail on assault charges.

  31. Pit bulls are the níġgers of dogs. Both species; pit bulls and níġgers, should be exterminated for the safety of humans.

  32. Will Jamison says:

    Removing a muzzle that an owner has put on is beyond stupid. Did you not think it was on there for a reason?

  33. Susan Smith says:

    Air horns and sprays? As a former Animal Control Officer I have to ask, why did they not have break stick available? I suggest they talk to their local Animal Control to learn more about the breed if they choose to continue grooming them and what it takes to get the jaws open.

    1. They should have a gun available to kill these wicked animals.

  34. It’s always the same thing with pit bulls- “He was the nicest dog you have ever seen and never hurt anyone” until they DO.

  35. If I were grooming strange dogs I would have an electric stun gun by my side.

  36. Pit bulls are blood sport dogs… they were created and bred to attack and kill.

    Why would anyone be surprised when a pit bull attacks?

    People who listen to the pit lobby propaganda are naive, gullible, and uneducated.

    Why are we still breeding these purposed fighting dogs?