LYNN (CBS) — Crews in Lynn are still working to clear roads on Wednesday, two days after the snowfall. The city decided to “chemically de-ice the roads (salt and calcium chloride) rather than call in outside contractors for plowing,” and some residents say they feel forgotten.

“I don’t know, I don’t see the plow,” said Soman Sim, who lives on Fairview Avenue.

A nearby neighbor, Kathy Ventura, added, “Well, they didn’t handle it. Not on our street, anyways.”

WBZ-TV found Charles Bowman shoveling a section the steep Sylvia Street off himself.

Charles Bowman (WBZ-TV)

“They don’t sand, they don’t come all the way up. They just leave it that way. They only came up once and it’s like that every year. They don’t plow it right, they don’t open it up for people. We have to shovel the whole thing out ourselves. It’s horrible,” he said.

According to Bowman, his wife had to walk down the street to get in an ambulance last winter.

“If there is a fire, forget it, we are all done. You know it’s horrible its a shame.”

Snow packed road in Lynn (WBZ-TV)

The Commissioner of Lynn Department of Public Works, Andrew Hall, told WBZ-TV the city decided to chemically de-ice the roads instead of plowing based on the predicted snow totals.

“This has lead to some understandably upset residents after the forecast under predicted the snow totals. We have crews out around the clock to rectify icy street complaints,” Hall said.

Some residents have been more understanding.

“I don’t fault those guys for not plowing on Christmas day either. I’d want to be home with my family and kids too ya know,” said Brian O’Connor.

Now, the looming concern is the dropping temperatures. Lynn residents hope these roads are plowed and sanded before they freeze more.