BOSTON (CBS) – The bitter arctic blast may be causing some problems for Nest thermostat users.

A software glitch causes the smart thermostat to short circuit.

It pulls power from all four wires and drains the battery in extreme cold weather.

(credit: CBS)

The problem has been experienced by Nest customers nationwide.

Katie Miller, whose Nest thermostat malfunctioned, told CBS Minnesota that her house temperatures kept dropping on Christmas Day.

After some trouble-shooting, she realized it wasn’t her heater at all, it was her Nest thermostat that was the problem.

“They had me turn off the power to the AC and furnace and then remove the yellow wire as a temporary fix so now it’s no longer pulling from air conditioning, it’s only pulling from heat,” Miller said.

Nest customer service will help users reset the device as a temporary fix.

A Nest representative can come out and add a common wire to permanently fix the issue for around $100.

Nest customers can call the company for support at 855‑469‑6378.

  1. I do have a common wire. Now when it got to 7F the thermostat seemed to shorten the Y wire and cause my AC to run. The nest itself probably got hot internally as it reported 76F in my 61 degree house. Removing the Y wire fixed this for now, but almost broke my AC along with leaving me and my kids in a frosty house.

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