By Juli McDonald

QUINCY (CBS) – Quincy Police are looking for a suspect they say attacked and stabbed a gas station worker in the middle of the day Saturday. The brazen attack happened during business hours at Bonfiglioli’s Auto.

“This guy legitimately tried to kill him. Stab him in the stomach,” said owner Steve Bonfiglioli.

A Quincy gas attendant says he was asked for directions and when he stepped from behind the counter, the suspect lunged. Stabbing the worker, in a violent attack.

“They’re fighting, wrestling,” said Bonfiglioli. “My attendant drags him outside. He wants to get him out to expose him.”

A man attacks a gas station attendant in Quincy (WBZ-TV)

The knife fell, but the struggle continued. Cars and even pedestrians pass and no one called police.

Bonfiglioli said with most people paying by credit card, his employees carry very little cash.

“They shouldn’t have to go through what they have to go through,” Bonfiglioli said. “They’re out in the freezing cold pumping gas. Working hard. They legitimately fear for their life.”

That’s because this Hancock Street business has been robbed multiple times before; most recently in February.

Suspect wanted in Quincy gas station attack (WBZ-TV)

“The guy held him at gunpoint to his head,” Bonfiglioli said. “He was in the building for 12 minutes interrogating him trying to get the key to the safe. We don’t have a key to the safe. It’s owned by Wells Fargo and they come and pick up the money every day.”

As this victim recovers from his stab wound, the search in Quincy continues for the suspect who got away.

“I feel pretty confident that he will get caught,” Bonfiglioli said. “The pictures are just so clear of his face. The police do think they have a couple people in mind.”

If you think you might recognize the suspect you’re asked to contact police. In addition to the cameras they already have, the business will be installing even more from other angles.

Juli McDonald


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