BOSTON (CBS) – Jon Keller and C Space Chairman Diane Hessan discuss the Alabama Senate race and other political issues.

Hessan’s organization works with companies to better connect with the customers they serve, but lately she has been applying her skills to analyzing politics by establishing a network of more than 400 voters from across the country.

Hessan says Democrat Doug Jones was able to pull off the stunning upset in Alabama due to turnout and the negative impact of Steve Bannon.

“This is a story about turnout,” Hessan said. “Not just the passion of the people who were against Roy Moore coming out and going to the polls. But also lower turnout among people who just began to get a funny feeling about Roy Moore, who could not bring themselves to vote for the Democratic alternative, but just said I think I am going to solve my problem by just staying home and taking my chances on that.”

Hessan also discussed the passage of the new tax bill and the future of the Democratic Party.

Can Democrats thrive this year just by being anti-Trump? “My sense from talking to voters is not really,” Hessan said.

“Saying vote for us because the other guy’s bad, vote for us because the other guy is unfit, or whatever else is not enough. Everyone is screaming we want to know what you stand for and what are you for.”

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  1. Oh, my goodness…Another pundit opining with little study and even less intellectual integrity.