White Christmas Expected For Much Of New England

BOSTON (CBS) – As we dream about a white Christmas, some will see that dream turn into a reality Christmas morning!

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Here are some details on our holiday storm packed with heavy snow, all rain for some, and damaging wind gusts.


First few flakes start to fly in western Massachusetts around midnight. If you are traveling late tonight, you shouldn’t run into any travel problems until between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. when the heavy snow and rain spreads all across southern New England.

Accumulation will be quick across Worcester County, southern New Hampshire and northern CT.  The freezing line will fluctuate south to north and back south throughout the morning.

So you may run into a period of snow, to a mix, to rain then back to snow across the Mass Pike as you head west out of Boston. Speaking of Boston, an early onshore wind will keep temps a tad warmer, therefore expecting a brief period of snow but mostly rain.  All rain southeast and on the coast.

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(WBZ-TV Graphic)

As the morning goes by and the kids wake up to see what Santa brought them, more snow falls!

This will make it slick to travel to early church services north or west of Boston. All snow, with slightly higher snowfall rates along Interstate 495 around 8 a.m.  Light rain southeast.

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The center of low pressure passes right over southeastern Massachusetts towards the Gulf of Maine by late morning. Steady snow continues across all of central MA, north to VT, NH, & ME.  Ski areas getting the jackpot!

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The area of low pressure deepens over the Gulf of Maine as it heads northeast, bringing a very strong southwest, then west wind behind it.  Other than a few wrap-around flurries, our precipitation is done after noon.  The damaging wind takes over inland.

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The area of low pressure deepens over the Gulf of Maine as it heads northeast, bringing a very strong southwest, then west wind behind it. The backside of the system could bring a quick 1-3 inches of snowfall due to some convection. Boston does have a chance to get a couple inches quickly in that last burst. Something to watch for! Other than a few wrap-around flurries, our precipitation is done after noon. The damaging wind takes over inland.


This storm will be feast or famine. All rain southeast, South Shore, Cape Cod, islands, south coast. Coating possible across southeastern MA into Boston.  One to three inches outside of Boston to Interstate 128.  Three to six inches of snow will fall between 128 and 495 north of the Pike.

And 6-9 inches of snow outside 495 (again, NW of Boston), Worcester, to northern MA into VT & NH (away from the coast). The farther northwest you go, the fluffier the snow consistency. Blowing and drifting will be possible as wind kicks in Monday afternoon.

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A winter storm warning is up (10 p.m. Sunday to 1 p.m. Monday) from outside 128, to areas north & west of Boston.

A winter weather advisory is up (10 p.m. Sunday to 1 p.m. Monday) for Essex County, southern Worcester County and roughly along areas south of the Pike in western MA.


The snow moves out around noon Monday. Then the wind ramps up. Gusts up to 50 mph from the west across all of MA (under a wind advisory 1 p.m.-7 p.m. Monday).

Gusts from the southwest could reach 65 mph across the Cape, south coast, south shore, islands (under a high wind warning 7 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday).

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These strong winds may cause some damage or scattered power outages…primarily in higher elevations and across the Cape & islands.


No coastal flooding with this storm! The highest wave heights will be Monday afternoon, 15-20 feet, well offshore. The wind by then will be from the west.

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Stay tuned to the WBZ weather team for more info as we get into the storm Christmas morning.

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Hopefully, we can just enjoy the white Christmas northwest of Boston.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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