BOSTON (CBS) — Just over two months after his devastating injury on opening night, Gordon Hayward is out of his walking boot for good.

The Celtics star gave fans an extensive update on his rehab with a post titled “Improving Every Day” on his website on Thursday. He was given the OK by doctors to go without his boot last week, but there was the chance he would have to use it again. That is no longer the case, and he’s moving along quite nicely on his road to recovery.

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“Now I’m off the crutches completely, and I’m totally out of the boot, too. Instead, I’m in a brace, which I’ll probably be wearing for the foreseeable future while I’m doing rehab and all that stuff,” he wrote. “It’s all about making slow progress. Baby steps.”

Hayward detailed his extensive rehab routine in the post, from the workouts he does with the injured leg (which includes picking up marbles with his toes) to his routine in the gym to keep the rest of his body in shape. He also hits the court every day and no longer has to put up shots from a chair.

“It’s all a process. And it’s all about being patient. There’s still is a long road ahead,” he said. “But I’m doing everything I can to get back 100 percent. I appreciate the continued support and all the messages I’ve received. It’s definitely humbling and motivating at the same time.”

Hayward said the toughest part of his recovery was the mental aspect, but that too is getting better.

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“I trained all summer and made a decision to come play for the Boston Celtics, only to have to sit on the sideline and watch the Boston Celtics play. That is definitely the toughest part,” wrote Hayward.

Hayward said all the downtime is giving him an opportunity to spend more time with his two young daughters, and of course, plenty of time for online gaming. He’s staying involved with the team by breaking down film and giving his teammates pointers any time he can. Hayward praised Brad Stevens, highlighted the contributions of young stars Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, and had lots of good things to say about the Boston bench in the Celtics great start to the season.

The post is definitely a great read for all Celtics fans interested on Hayward’s road to recovery.


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