By Anna Meiler

ARLINGTON (CBS) – An Arlington High School student-athlete has tested positive for the skin infection MRSA, which is resistant to several antibiotics.

At this point, it appears to be confined to that one student.

The school will do a deep clean with bleach and antibacterial solutions on all affected facilities and equipment, which means some athletic facilities could be closed for several days.

“It’s scary, very scary. My daughter does sports so we’re diligent about checking now and making sure hands are washed,” the mother of one student told WBZ-TV Tuesday.

MRSA is not airborne but it can be spread directly through contact with broken skin, so simply touching surfaces like gym mats or desks will not spread the infection.

However, if it’s not treated the infection can become severe.

MRSA causes your skin to become red and itchy.

The best way to prevent it is by washing your hands frequently, showering as soon as possible after direct contact sports, and washing your towels and uniforms in hot water and detergent.

For more information on MRSA, visit the CDC website.

  1. This is unfortunate news. Anna – you have provided some great tips for preventing infections in the future!

    I would add that clinical research studies have clarified the potential for fabrics (towels and gym clothes) to be the source of infectious disease outbreaks. With that in mind, my team and I at Applied Silver, Inc. are eliminating that very risk with a new fabric technology that provides ongoing antimicrobial protection to all apparel, including athletic gear such as socks, towels, etc. If we consider how microbes actually spread and contaminate, this type of technology can be bundled with a larger infection prevention strategy to drastically improve student-athlete’s personal hygiene and reduce the risk associated with spread of microbes through high contact sports. Find out more here:

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