BOSTON (CBS) – A weekend power outage in Atlanta left several people frustrated in Boston Monday morning.

A fire at an underground electrical facility knocked out electricity at the Hartfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport Sunday, leaving thousands of passengers stranded.

The outage caused a wave of confusion and had a trickle-down effect at airports around the country for anyone flying into Atlanta, which is the world’s busiest airport.

ligone Atlanta Airport Power Outage Causes Major Delays For Travelers

Luzmia Ligone. (WBZ-TV)

Luzmia Ligone of Lowell is trying to get to Haiti for a funeral Tuesday.

But she can’t get another flight until Thursday and she won’t get to her destination until Friday.

“I think that’s outrageous. That’s four days. I think they can adjust better and figure something out because this is not going to work,” she told WBZ-TV at Logan Airport Monday.

logan2 Atlanta Airport Power Outage Causes Major Delays For Travelers

Long lines at the Delta counter at Logan Airport on Monday morning. (WBZ-TV)

Delta Airlines says they had about 900 cancelations on Sunday and about 300 more Monday. Their customers flying to, from or through Atlanta through Tuesday can make a one-time travel change for free.


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