By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) — The state’s three lawsuits against the federal Department of Education are “about standing up for students and taxpayers who were cheated by predatory schools,” according to Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey.

Healey told WBZ-TV’s Jon Keller, “My job, Jon, as Attorney General is to go out there and enforce the law and unfortunately we find ourselves in a situation, with a president and any number of federal agencies that are doing things that are either illegal or harmful to the interests of Massachusetts businesses, our residents, and the economy.”

healey1 Keller @ Large: AG Maura Healey On Why She Is Suing The Feds

Attorney General Maura Healey (WBZ-TV)

Massachusetts has dozens of lawsuits out against the federal government and federal agencies. Healey has sued President Trump over healthcare, immigration, and the environment.

“It’s just unfortunate that we find ourselves in a position as a state having to sue to defend access to healthcare, to protect our clean energy economy, to fight for fairness in the marketplace and in the workplace,” she said.

When Keller asked Healey if her actions could become over litigious, she responded, “I’ll be as litigious as I need to be in enforcing the law, standing up for the rule of law, which unfortunately has been under attack by this president over the last year and doing the job to protect the interests of the people in the state.”

Part 2 of Maura Healey’s Interview With Jon Keller

Healey’s office also has an open investigation into sexual assault allegations against former State Senate President Stan Rosenberg’s husband.

She said that while she can’t comment much about the specific investigation, sexual assault needs to be addressed.

“[We need to] recognize the seriousness and the pervasiveness of this issue, make sure that victims feel comfortable and safe coming forward and reporting allegations and most importantly, most importantly, to work to fundamentally change the culture, change the balance of power that has led us to this place.”

The FBI is also investigating Rosenberg’s husband. Healey said she has not been in contact with the agency and they will both be conducting thorough, independent investigations.

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Comments (3)
  1. Alan B Flood says:

    Federal Law says that illegal immigrants must be turned over to federal ICE agency for deportation. How come she is not telling state law enforcement to follow Federal law and notify ICE as well as go after the cities and towns in the state who are basically operating as sanctuary cities in violation of federal law. She is a typical democrat who only does what will make herself look good – she has no interest in the federal laws and the enforcement of those laws. She Also has usurped the state legislature to change the 2nd amendment laws in the this state and what she deems to be the right interpretation even if it is not stated by state law. She should be enforcing state laws and allowing the federal government to enforce federal laws as well as cooperating with federal agencies as they attempt to enforce those laws. If al lshe has time to do is to tell the president and his cabinet and agencies how to operate federal laws then she must live in a perfect state – maybe she ought to spend more time with the chronic problem in this state of corrupt legislative officers and state employees. How come a newspaper investigative team uncovered the senate president’s husbands illegal activities – is she protecting gay law breakers?

  2. My, my, Jon, you just found the first hack of the season using her current position to polish her resume for her candidacy for a higher position.

    This woman is spending a lot of taxpayer money and a lot of the resources of her office tilting at windmills…

    And you are giving her the platform?

    How generous of you, sir…It seems that your political bias is alive and well, and willing to start early to put your thumb on the scale…

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