By Dr. Mallika Marshall

BOSTON (CBS) – Remember how the Grinch’s heart “grew three sizes that day”? Well, the size of your wine glass has grown much more than that. Researchers in England have found that wine glass capacity has increased nearly seven-fold since the early 1700s.

Three hundred years ago, wine glasses could hold about two ounces of liquid. Now the average wine glass holds about 15 ounces.

The researchers point to a number of historical factors that may be responsible like removal of excise taxes and automated glass production.

They also say some people get more pleasure drinking from a larger glass. And bar and restaurant owners profit because people often order more wine when they drink it from an oversized glass.

While this study is interesting and somewhat funny it raises some serious questions, like could glass size be contributing to the rise in alcohol use and the health risks that come with it?

Dr. Mallika Marshall


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