TYNGSBORO (CBS) – After stray bullets caused damage to a pair of vehicles, Tyngsboro Police are warning hunters to watch where they’re firing.

On Saturday, a car window was shattered on Cannongate Road. When the vehicle was set to be repaired, a shotgun slug was found lodged inside the frame near the passenger side window.

The next day, a Progress Ave. business reported that a company van was damaged.

Police found damage on the driver’s side and passenger side rear window. It appeared bullet entered one side of the van and exited the other, but no bullet was found.

tyngsboro Tyngsboro Police Suspect Stray Bullets From Hunters Damaged Cars

A shotgun slug was left in a Tyngsboro car, believed to be from a hunter’s errant shot. (Image Credit: Tyngsboro Police)

It appears both vehicles were hit by stray shots from hunters’ guns. Massachusetts Environmental Police are assisting in the investigation.

“These errant hunting shots are completely unacceptable, and it’s extremely fortunate that nobody was hurt in any of these cases,” Tyngsboro Police Chief Richard Howe said. “Our officers are actively investigating each of these incidents, but I want to remind hunters of the critical obligation they have to be considerate of the safety of others while they are hunting.”

Hunters are being asked to positively indentify targets and never shoot in the direction of sound or movement.

In addition, police say hunters should never fire in the direction of buildings or populated areas.


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