BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady had one of his worst games in recent memory in the Patriots’ 27-20 loss to the Dolphins on Monday Night Football. His 59.5 passer rating was his worst single-game rating in the regular season since his 59.9 mark in the Pats’ infamous Monday night loss to the Chiefs in 2014.

So naturally, anyone who’s had a propensity for declaring Brady’s career dead was given some fresh material on Monday night and into Tuesday morning. You can expect the takes to continue hurling back and forth about Brady and the Patriots all week leading up to their showdown with the Steelers on Sunday night.

One of the first hot to throw his name in the hat was Fox Sports 1′s Jason McIntyre, who may not have gotten much attention for his tweet if he didn’t throw in a snide “*whisper*” before bringing up the mind-blowing take that Brady is 40 years old.

Obviously, there were plenty who were finally able to unleash their wildly original take that Brady Looked Like A 40-Year-Old Quarterback™.

Did they mention that Brady is old?

How about the cliff? Has he fallen off the cliff?

And of course there’s FS1’s Nick Wright, who recently argued why the Steelers were better than the Patriots while conveniently ignoring Brady and Bill Belichick. He thinks we’ve witnessed the same sharp decline in Brady that we saw with Peyton Manning midway through the 2014 season.

Obviously, Brady will decline and retire at some point. But the hot takers have clearly learned nothing if they’re still out there declaring Brady done before it’s official. Some day, they’ll be right, but the takes will have been cheapened to the point of worthlessness.

This surely won’t be the end of the Brady hot takes for Monday, or the week. We’ll be gathering the more outrageous ones as they come in. Feel free to send them to us on Twitter at @985TheSportsHub!


8:43 a.m.: The NFL Network’s Marc Sessler envisions Foxboro’s dystopian future.

Listen above for the Hot Take Police on Toucher & Rich!

Comments (56)
  1. jdlredskin says:

    Yep. He is probably finished. Sad

    1. Eric Miklas says:

      Brady has the second best Touchdown to Interception ratio and he leads the league in passing yardage and passer rating and yes, all while being 40. And I’m a Ravens Fan, not a Patriots Fan.

  2. Kelley Eidem says:

    Or just maybe sports reporters get their notoriety and/or ratings by getting everyone’s dander up by making outrageous statements.

  3. you MF’ers he can’t throw and catch the MFing ball……. bring in T.O. , Moss, or grandpa Jerry Rice and see the Christmas Magic!

  4. Charles Cole says:

    Brady doesn’t play on defense.

  5. Tony Welker says:

    Seems so many can’t wait to bask in Brady’s eventual retirement. Haters will hate

  6. Herb Rapoza says:

    The Pats are being watched too closely to cheat anymore.

  7. Nancy Carr says:

    STOP. Everybody has a bad game now and then. That’s IT.

  8. He should’ve retired after that last super bowl victory, like Elway did. After ALL Brady did for the Patriots, for 100% of the 21st Century, see how he gets treated after one bad game?
    I stopped watching the NFL this season. Too many crybaby millionaires who hate this country, and the Rooney Rule. I don’t mind a league with a couple of all black teams, if there are a couple of other teams that are all white. I have little interest in an entire league that is 70% black. The taint is also from learning that many colleges are deliberately withholding athletic scholarships to white athletes.

  9. Hugh Tjardon says:

    Something about the NFL? Who cares?

  10. He threw two picks, BFD. One was a perfect throw, but the Dolphin defender closed really fast and made a great play. He is still one of the best, but of course the decline is going to happen, but not this year.

  11. Ross Cole says:

    Bring back Matt Cassel!!!

  12. Brady just had an “off” night. It happens.

  13. Joe Lucido says:

    I wouldn’t bet against him, just because he has a bad game or two. He’s the best that has ever played the game at the quarterback position. He will come back and make all of his critics eat their words.

  14. Chris Appel says:

    And we have Jimmy G !! Niners.

  15. Mike Arvand says:

    Meh, simply karma for players kneeling down. Any team that retains any player that knelt down – deserves to finish dead last, and lose next years draft pick.

  16. Con Nod says:

    Holy sheet, the dude hands you 5 rings and you dump him in a minute. East coasters…..

  17. Yup, the passing leader through 14 weeks of the 2017 season has “fallen off the cliff”.


  18. Cliff Wade says:

    Maybe the Chiefs would like him. We’re sick of the 49er’s leftovers.
    Surprised They Haven’t Signed Kaepernick…

  19. Vox Veritas says:

    Joe Montana for my money. Brady’s not fit to lace his shoes.

    1. Rob Gunn says:

      Vox, you’re a moron.

  20. Tony Alvino says:

    I only have one thing to say… YOU GUYS LOST TO THE DOLPHINS!! HAHAHAHAHA! XD

  21. Richard Frey says:

    Did the Pats play Last night??? I watched a Science Program, “The sex Life of an Ant” I guess I didn’t miss Much??????

  22. Kurt Smith says:

    This is all a lot of horse manure. Dolphin defense, especially the pass rush, was on a tear. It was their best game and they were fired up for whatever reason and they would have made any qb
    look washed out last night.

  23. Craig Hobson says:

    How many other younger quarterbacks lost on Sunday, answer 13.

  24. Lance Olson says:

    So it’s Brady’s fault that the O line can’t block and the defense can’t stop anyone? What a joke!

  25. James Lawson says:

    Is Drew Bledsoe available?

  26. Why is so hard for Brady fans to believe that a FORTY year old quarterback could be declining now? He did not throw a touchdown against Buffalo. He had a checkdown pass TD yesterday. Brady missed wide open receivers. Yes, it is possible for him to decline now,

  27. Roger Jones says:

    This is hilarious. Brady, like every QB, is very dependent on his OLine and receivers. The Dolphins defensive played well and Brady looked bad as a direct result. If Brady had played his career in Cleveland he would have never won anything. Cleveland keeps thinking the QB is the problem, so they keep not have enough good other players. FB is a team game more than any other. At least 30 guys have to do their job for team to win in the NFL. The NFL is where a great QB can stink, if his OLine and receivers struggle, and barely passable QB can win a SB when his team plays great around him.

  28. William Poh says:

    The thing is that most of these guys were probably saying the same thing last year. How’d that work out? OK, he’s 40, but a 40 year old Brady is still better than a lot of 30 year old other guys. Seattle is 8-5, Dallas is 7-6. Are they saying Wilson and Prescott are done?

  29. Can we give the Dolphins a little credit here. They played like a playoff team last night.
    Cutler hasn’t looked this good in years. Their offensive line was hurrying Brady all night, and their defence was as tight as it gets. Brady has had better nights, but Miami played an inspired game of football..

    1. Oops. Make that “defensive line” hurrying Brady.

  30. Dave Branch says:

    You don’t want to play against Brady after a loss. I rarely ends well. This is a no-brainer . . . give the 3 and take the Pats.

  31. He looked like George Blanda last night.

    1. biglouie15 says:

      Yeah. But at least Blanda could kick field goals too.

  32. Ralph Gizzip says:

    So what’s the over/under on when Belichick benches him citing “diminished skills”?

  33. Jack Tripper says:

    He is injured in some way. He is never that inaccurate. I saw him getting up one time clenching his throwing hand. He either has a problem with the hand or some type of stinger making it numb. Doesn’t have anything to do with his age…..he has been money all season.

  34. Bobby Love says:

    Who cares? The NFL hates our flag our country WHO cares?

  35. Andy Howe says:

    Yeah, I could tell midway through the third quarter of the last Super Bowl that Brady was done. Wait a minute!

    1. Cliff Wade says:

      Brady’s been there 6 Times, won as many as anyone ever.
      They sure got it bad at the Meadowlands.

  36. Yea sure Brady is finished. I wish as a Charger fan we had been finished like Tom Brady-might have had a super bowl or two!

  37. They love you when you’re winning, but hate you when you lose. I guess he just isn’t allowed to have a bad day.

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