By Jim Smith

ARLINGTON (CBS) – There are serious concerns over burglaries in Arlington. Last week, one neighborhood was hit five times in one day.

Arlington Police were on nighttime patrol Tuesday night in the neighborhood under siege by a rash of break-ins. There have been 29 house breaks or attempted burglaries since August 31st.

Jane Auger’s back door frame still bears the scars of forced entry, kicked in by a burglar last month who escaped with a laptop jewelry and a coat. The thief even took the time to fill in her crossword puzzle.

“Yeah I feel violated and it’s spooky,” said Auger. “You know every time you hear a noise now you don’t just assume that it’s the house settling or the furnace coming on you’re just a little on edge.”

The break-ins are in clusters mostly in east Arlington some near railroad tracks or woods, nerve-wracking for the locals

Luckily nobody has been hurt. The culprit or culprits mostly striking between dusk and 10 p.m.

“We’re looking at all angles,” Arlington Police Capt. Richard Flynn said. “Officers are out on the street right now investigating and patrolling neighborhoods. We will not rest until we get this taken care of and solved.”

Arlington Police are hoping all of this publicity can help solve these cases. In the meantime, they’re asking everybody in these neighborhoods to remain on guard.


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