WATERTOWN (CBS) – A lot can change in 14 years, but not your license. New Registry of Motor Vehicle rules allow well over a decade to pass before you need a new photo.

If you need to take a trip to the RMV, you probably know it won’t be a quick in and out experience.

But now that wait may be a little bit shorter with the state announcing Monday the RMV is taking steps to make more customers eligible for online transactions. One of those changes allows people to renew their IDs online and use the same photo for 14 years.

While many can agree doing it online is easy and like the idea of shorter wait times, some are wondering what happens in instances where you need your ID to look like you. “If you’re stopped by police or something, they are going to say ‘Is this really you?” Terry Cushing said.

A RMV representative says the change does not apply to people under 21 or over 75 and federal rules require a new photo once every 16 years so they are still within that time period.


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