BOSTON (CBS) – Adam Foss says last week’s shooting in Mission Hill is not only heartbreaking, but it makes him angry to see another young life taken in Boston’s inner city.

“Obviously it’s a tragedy, it is hurtful to me because it is my community,” Foss said.

Foss, a former prosecutor at the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office, had taken 19-year-old Jose Montero under his wing, mentoring the young man as part of his work with the non-profit Mission Safe.

“Jose and the other young men that are sort of living in this world are no less amazing than the kids in the suburbs trying to distance themselves from gun violence. It isn’t about making life choices. It’s about the communities and what we do as adults to resource those communities,” said Foss.

josemontero Triple Shooting Weighs On Mission Hill Community

Jose Montero. (Courtesy Photo)

Jose Montero and two other young men were shot Wednesday night not far from the Tobin Community Center in Boston.

Boston Police are still looking for the shooters from that night.

shooting4 Triple Shooting Weighs On Mission Hill Community

Police investigate Mission Hill triple shooting (WBZ-TV)

And while Foss wants justice for Jose, his heart also breaks for the potential suspects.

“The gunmen are probably young boys, if we are being honest. Just like Jose is a boy. The fact that those young men live in a community where there is access to handguns where they feel this hyper vigilance that it’s kill or be killed,” said Foss.

Foss says it is obviously a tragedy for the family, and the suspects will be punished for it.


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