BOSTON (CBS) — Emergency crews rushed to help a derailed MBTA train inside of a dark tunnel during a simulation Sunday.

The exercise took place Sunday at the MBTA’s Emergency Training Center on Foundry Street.

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“It’s as close to the real thing as we can get. It’s very effective. We do drills several times a year, different scenarios. We always learn something from a drill,” said Transit Police Deputy Chief Preston Horton.

Emergency crews called the training as close to the real thing as they can get. (WBZ-TV)

The volunteer passengers were stuck on the train and need to be evacuated, some with injuries.

“These exercises are invaluable because all public safety realms are here, offering us the opportunity to communicate with one another,” said Boston EMS Deputy Superintendent Steven McHough.

The aim was to improve response time and communications in a real emergency.

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Volunteers acted as injured passengers. (WBZ-TV)

Around 40 passengers were onboard the two-car derailment and more than 100 emergency personnel responded to the scene.

“It felt fairly realistic because it was dark in there,” said Dominic DiLuzio a volunteer injured passenger.

Officials said although it’s not the real thing it helps them prepare for the unexpected.

First responders simulate a rescue from a derailed train. (WBZ-TV)

MBTA Transit Police, Boston Fire Department, and Boston Emergency Medical Services were all on hand.

Emergency officials will now evaluate the training exercise and look for ways to improve.

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“Important for us to work with the other agencies to learn how to work smoothly with them when something really happens,” Boston Fire Deputy Chief Michael Ruggere said.