BOSTON (CBS) – A water main break flooded streets in Allston Friday afternoon.

Boston Water and Sewer said a construction crew hit the main while digging at the corner of Brighton Ave and Linden Street.

It happened just before 2 p.m. Friday and sent water gushing out of the ground.

“The ladder was like back and forth like a cork it was crazy,” said Lizzie Hazoc.

“I was very surprised I didn’t know where it came from,” said Constance Vottero.

Water main break in Allston (WBZ-TV)

The water also flooded basement units of area apartment buildings.

“You feel bad these are people’s homes and property,” property manager Michael Rosen.

Residents in eight units in Rosen’s Commonwealth Ave building are staying elsewhere until the water is removed.

“Right now we’re just cleaning and pumping the water out so we’re just trying to assess the damage to the apartments,” said Rosen.

The break caused many homes and businesses in the area to lose water.

Truck drives through flood water in Allston (WBZ-TV)

The White Horse Tavern had to cancel two Christmas parties and close for the night because of the break.

“It’s very frustrating we’re losing a lot of money tonight but you know what it’s the way of the world I guess,” said manager Lizzie Hazoc.

Boston Water and Sewer is asking for patience while they continue to work and get water back on in the neighborhood.