By Christina Hager

WATERTOWN (CBS) – At Coolidge Hardware in Watertown, workers moved the bags of ice melt to the front of the store.

“We brought in extra ice melt, certainly we have plenty on hand,” said Dave Ciommo, who’s been helping customers find the shovels. “As soon as the snow starts flying they’ll be in here getting their shovels and their ice melt. It’s unbelievable how they wait until the last minute.”

WATCH: Latest Forecast

Across town, a highway crew chained a plow to a brand new truck, ready for its inaugural run through our first snowfall of this season.

In Boston, city officials have said they’re prepared with 44,000 tons of road salt.

In Worcester, Public Works Commissioner Paul Moosey said city crews are mounting 80 plows onto trucks, with hundreds of others to be called if needed. “In a year like this frankly we’re concerned,” he said. “We use a lot of hired equipment. We’re concerned with how many of them are really ready to be out there.”

MassDOT Highway administrator Jonathan Gulliver said state crews are pre-treating roads with brine and magnesium chloride. There will be 700 MassDOT workers punching in to work on snow removal throughout the state. They are pleading with the driving public, “Don’t crowd the plows.”


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