BOSTON (CBS) — Tre’Davious White is out of the NFL’s concussion protocol and did not suffer any serious injuries from Sunday’s cheap shot by Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

But that doesn’t make the Bills rookie corner feel any better about the situation. Speaking about the late hit for the first time on Thursday, White was still pretty fired up about the play, calling Gronkowski a dirty player.

“The guy did what he wanted to do. He is what he did. Dirty shot, so what does that make him? Dirty player. Simple,” White told reporters in Buffalo, via ESPN’s Mike Rodak.

White added that he has not heard from Gronkowski since the hit, and that his apology following Sunday’s game means nothing to him.

Gronkowski, frustrated after Tom Brady threw an interception in the fourth quarter, lost his cool and pounced on an unsuspecting White, who was on the ground after the play. White did not see Gronkowski coming and had no way to brace for the 265-pound tight end that was about to land on him.

“I’m laying there. He snuck me with my back turned. He could have broke my neck. I mean, I got a son to raise. All that. People don’t think about that when they just react,” he said. “I’m glad I had my mouthpiece in. I probably could’ve bit my tongue off. I bit my lip pretty bad. Terrible headache. It is what it is.”

Gronkowski was hit with a one-game suspension, which was upheld after the tight end appealed. White called the suspension “a joke” according to Jon Scott of Spectrum News in Buffalo.

The Bills and Patriots will play again on December 24 at Gillette Stadium, and according to former player Ryan Clark, White texted him the other day to say Bills players would be looking to retaliate against Gronkowski during that game. White had no comment on that text message on Thursday.

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