SOUTH PORTLAND, MAINE (CBS) – A secret Santa is delivering some holiday cheer in Maine.

A couple paid off $10,000 worth of other people’s layaways at Toys ‘R’ Us in South Portland. Customers won’t know about the generous gift until they go to the layaway line and the cashier tells them their balance is zero.

“It took her a minute to understand what happened and she cried at the front of my store,” store manager Jay Roes said of one customer in an interview with WGME.

Roes told the station this is the biggest layaway payoff he’s ever seen. The store’s layaway balance is still about $25,000.

toys r us Secret Santa Pays Off $10,000 Worth Of Toys R Us Layaway Accounts

Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images

The couple wants to remain anonymous. Their $10,000 gift paid for about 100 layaway accounts.

According to WGME, the couple says they want to match donations that others make toward Toys ‘R’ Us layaway accounts.


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