ROCHESTER, New Hampshire (CBS) — The driver of a pickup truck that crashed into a Rochester home and then fled is being sought by police.

Officials found a GMC 2500 wedged into a Lowell Street home in Rochester shortly after midnight on Wednesday morning.

Damage was done to a house on Lowell Street in Rochester after it was hit by a car (Photo Courtesy: Rochester Police | Facebook)

“The collision caused significant damage to the structure of the home, though none of the occupants in the home were injured,” police said.

The pickup came barreling down Lowell Road, and drove right across Irene Turner’s yard.

“The worst kaboom sound, I thought I got hit by a missile or something,” Irene said. “It was more than thunder.”

The driver of this truck fled the scene after driving into a Rochester home (Photo Courtesy: Rochester Police | Facebook)

The vehicle demolished the room where Irene would normally be watching TV and one of her dogs, Abbey, sleeps.

“I listened to the weatherman and he said it would thunder and they’re afraid of thunder so I took them to the bed with me,” said Irene.

Rochester police say they have spoken to the truck’s owner, but would not say any more.


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