By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Earlier this week, Odell Beckham Jr. made headlines when he commented on Tom Brady’s sideline spat with Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

While Beckham’s comments were discussed at length around the country, the Giants receiver apparently felt his message wasn’t clear. So he took to Instagram on Wednesday to state things a bit more clearly.

Beckham shared a video showing numerous instances of Brady lashing out — at teammates, coaches, officials, and his own helmet — spliced together with Beckham having some similar outbursts on the football field.

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The caption was a repeat of something he said earlier this week, indicating (with a goat emoji) that he’s chasing what Brady has accomplished by trying to bring the same level of passion to the game.

Earlier this week, Beckham discussed Brady’s most recent outburst and said that whenever he has had such occurrences, he’s been labeled as being immature or selfish. He also said that by showing passion on the sideline, he was merely emulating Brady, with whom he feels a connection regarding a passion for the game.

Later that day, Beckham expressed some apparent regret that his message had turned into something he did not intend it to mean.

So, after (presumably hiring someone to do the work of) collecting clips of Brady’s sideline shouts shown alongside Beckham’s own outbursts, Beckham made it quite clear what he meant.

If one were to criticize the movement, one might suggest that the 25-year-old receiver is going to great lengths just to have the ability to punch Gatorade buckets on the sideline without facing criticism. (Hey, Josh McDaniels — take note!) One might also easily point out the fact that Brady’s sideline shouting match with McDaniels has been discussed at length by every sports radio and television show in the country over the past few days, indicating Brady doesn’t exactly “get away” with his outbursts.

And lastly, one might note that a great deal of the criticism that is directed toward Beckham has to do with the fact that he plays in New York, where every story is treated like the biggest crisis of all time, and where two tabloids exist solely for the joy of making silly puns on the back page.

brady beckham 2 Odell Beckham Shares Video Of Tom Bradys Outbursts, Indicating Theyre The Same

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady talks with New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham following their preseason game at MetLife Stadium. (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

In that regard, if Beckham wants to emulate Brady, he should do so by being able to completely ignore all of the nonsense that gets printed and repeated ad nauseam in New York. There once was this drummed up controversy over PSI, you may remember, during which the New York papers had an absolute field day with any and every development involving the Patriots’ quarterback. The New York Daily News and the New York Post put Brady on the back cover dozens of times, questioning his entire career, his integrity, and his personal life. He never so much as commented on any of it and has displayed an almost-ridiculous level of Zen while being able to hold no grudges — at least not publicly.

Beckham, meanwhile? He’s been a bit more reactive to the criticism that’s come down on him for his fight with a kicking net, his fight with various Gatorade jugs, his boat trip a week before the Giants’ playoff game, and his violent hit on Josh Norman. Oh, and also there was the time he pretended to be a dog that was peeing. He ended up on the back page for that. That’s a rather busy list for a player in just his fourth year in the NFL, and if he intends to stay in New York, he’ll likely need to take a more peaceful approach to the occasionally incessant and over-the-top coverage that comes with playing in that city.

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