HALIFAX (CBS) – The small town of Halifax is on alert after a woman was sexually assaulted while out for a walk near some cranberry bogs. That suspect still on the run tonight.

Police say a young woman was walking her dog at the bogs off Lingan Street when she was assaulted by a man. It happened just after dark Sunday about at about 4:30 pm. The locals are being extra careful.

“I’m actually a dog walker and to hear that it happened to a young woman walking her dog is just very surprising and I would never believe that this would happen,” said Jessica Simmons.

Ray Bearce feels pretty safe taking his German shepherd for a walk, but even before this happened he had already purchased pepper spray for his wife and daughter

“We walk our dog down where we heard about it all the time,” Bearce said. “My daughter does too. We like to carry pepper spray. You don’t need a special license to get it any more. I mean it’s scary though.”

Police are advising people to try and walk during the day and if they do it at night, have somebody with them.

  1. When the man Bearce was quoted saying, “We walk our dog down where we heard about it all the time.” Does that mean he hear that rape happen there ALL THE TIME???????????

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