By Bill Shields

SCITUATE (CBS) – Five kittens in Scituate are likely only alive because a team of volunteers helped find them.

A few weeks ago, a person brought a dead cat into the Scituate Animal Shelter. It had been run over, and there was no ID. But someone at the Shelter noticed something.

“The cat recently gave birth, and was clearly feeding kittens,” said Maryann Regan.

So the shelter got on their Facebook page to ask for help from their 14,000 friends.

“What we were asking for them to help us out with was to listen for kitten calls, meows, in the town of Norwell,” Regan said.

Sure enough, a homeowner heard the kittens in the roof of her barn, and the shelter sent Ashley Davis over to check it out. “I climbed up on a ladder, and there was a small hole. So I made kitten crying sounds, and out they came out, basically falling onto me,” Davis said smiling.

Now, all five of the tiny furry kittens will soon have homes.


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