BOSTON (CBS) — UPS drivers are planning to demonstrate against a 70-hour work week during the holiday season.

The Teamsters Locals said UPS “is forcing a 70-hour week for drivers” which is “a nationwide issue jeopardizing the safety of drivers and the general public.”

UPS failed to plan ahead and hire seasonal drivers for the holidays, said the Teamsters, and instead increased the hours of regular workers to compensate.

“Teamster who usually show up for work 45 minutes early will instead demonstrate against the unfair move by management this holiday season.”

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In a statement, UPS said the company “appreciates the exceptional effort of all employees during our peak holiday shipping season, when daily delivery volumes are near double the normal level.”

“Our employees’ scheduled work week is in compliance with Department of Transportation requirements,” the company said. “Union-represented employees are paid time and one-half for work above 40 hours per week and they receive the industry’s most attractive compensation and benefits program.”

They also said, “the company hires an additional 95,000 personnel to work on our facilities and as driver helpers.”

UPS drivers demonstrating against 70-hour work weeks in South Boston (WBZ-TV)

The union demands UPS “cease and desist from any implementation of a 70-hour work week.”

If they fail to do so, the Teamsters threatened legal action.

Service will not be impacted.

“No package or bottom line of a balance sheet is more important than the safety and well-being of our members and the general public we serve,” said Sean O’Brien, president of Teamsters Local 25. 

According to UPS, between Thanksgiving and December 31, they will deliver 750 million packages.

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  1. Guess I’ll be using Fed Ex ground.

  2. You know how many people would love to have the opportunity to make the cash they do on the holidays?

    1. The problem with people that work as seasonal employees at UPS, believing they know what is “Great” at UPS, has nothing to do with the reality at UPS. Its not going to wake them up until a fatigued driver runs over a Christmas shopper. I could write a book about what a “Two Christmas Seasonal Grad School Worker” doesn’t know about the inner workings at UPS.
      Its obvious to me, as a 37 year Union Employee at UPS, from the post of the Part time Grad School “Seasonal” supervisor, has contempt for Union workers.
      It shows that even a Grad School seasonal Supervisor hasn’t acquired enough of an education to recognize hard working Americans who understand, and live with the dangers of driving for UPS! You are obviously a man who equates his existence by the size of his wallet! Shame on you, Don’t tell me, you voted for Trump..Right?
      Where and when can a UPS parent spend time with their children during the “Christmas Holidays” working a 70 hour work week?
      FYI I recently had a part time supervisor ask me if they could form a UNION!
      Thats how happy they are working as non-Union management.

  3. Jon Severt says:

    Big deal. I’m self employed and a 70 hour+ work week is pretty common and I don’t make the money and bennies that most UPS drivers make. What other business pays people that much money to break my stuff anyway? lol

    1. Andy Kaufman says:

      You’re self employed, work over 70 hours a week and don’t make as much as a UPS driver? Winning.

  4. Hahah. So not a problem — FedEx will handle the slack.

    1. Baba Gounj says:

      FedEx can not handle the slack . Their system is at the max now . Do you recall 2014 X-mas screw up ? Seems before the season starts every major shipper is notified when cut offs are going to happen for every service level . Well this one shipper decided that they could guarantee shipment after the cut off dates. With every shipper already maxed out , it created a mess for which the shippers got the blame . Every shipper had trailer loads backed up in their lots which did not get unloaded until days after the holidays . The level of volume just doesn’t stop on X-Mas , it continues but just with fewer helpers . On average many drivers work 70 hr/week year round . Sure the money is great , but people get worn out and that leads to injuries . Not to mentioned the lack of Family time . Consider this some drivers reside an hour or more from their dispatch centers and to beat the morning traffic they have to leave hours early , then combine that with a avg 12 hrs of work , and finish that off with a commute home . There just enough hours in a day to get a full nights sleep .

  5. Time to get some of those illegal alien Mexicans who will do the jobs that Americans won’t do.

  6. Rusty Harris says:

    Boo hoo hoo.
    Don’t like it? QUIT!
    You know how many people would KILL to have the benefits & retirement UPS drivers get?

  7. Don’t feel sorry for them- I know for a fact they get paid well and then they get OT on top of that, not to mention 4 times the vacation than most: so no, I’m not feeling their pain.

  8. Karen Bright says:

    Good grief, we were self employed for 25 years and typically worked a 70 hour work week. Longer during the holidays. Suck it up, you have great benefits, and so many more perks than self employed people do. UPS delivered to us daily and they work hard but they know that when they take the job. No sympathy here. Rest after the holidays.

  9. Don Martosko says:

    They will whine about having to work 70 hours per week. Meanwhile, they don’t put any of that money aside for when they LOSE those 70 hours a week. Then, when they DO go back to 40 hours a week, they will whine again, because they can’t live on it. They should be happy that they have a stable job. The drones and robots will be replacing them soon enough as it is.

  10. Solution, hire twice as many workers and everybody works part time and NOBODY gets benefits.

  11. I wanted to get some rechargeable batteries for my phone. the stores that used to carry them closed – Radioshack. Now I have to order through Amazon. maybe wait until after Christmas to keep a tired driver away .

  12. Don’t like the job? Quit. Thousands will line up for them.

  13. instead of complaining about overtime the Teamsters should be organizing the Amazon warehouses. Workers complain about lack of decent wages and benefits when they should be joining a good union and doing something about it.

  14. If the TEAMSTERS were REALLY doing their job, they would have anticipated possible issues with overtime and confirmed the company hired seasonal drivers…instead they do NOTHING, and then complain, whine, and threaten…TEAMSTERS are worthless

  15. Pete Dee says:

    I supported teamsters in a strike once.
    Guess what happened when it came their turn to back me!

    Our local UPS and FedEx drivers have been riding with trainees since about Halloween.

  16. Carey Cook says:

    I worked for UPS for 28 years. I was a delivery Driver for those 28 years. Not at any time did I work 7o hours. I did work some long weeks in the beginning of my career with ups. Those week were never more than 60 Hours. the dot has a limit on how many hours a driver can drive in a given week and I believe it is well below 70 Hours or Ups would be fined by the Dot for excess hours on those drivers that work that many hours. I retired in 2006. You are only looking at a few weeks with long hours. If you are not happy with your job Quit.

  17. Chuck Blinn says:

    It looks like your union has made a bad public announcement. Start your own delivery service and see how many hours you work then.

  18. Jim Paggi says:

    I, too, drove for UPS for 28 years in SFBay area. During peak, I stayed out until 11:30 PM several times, got chewed out and had to drive my pickups to the airport. But it did and does happen. And I got every penny due me. Center manager was happier to get rid of volume and pay me than, have to carry over packages until next day.
    Would choose FedEx next time. Only UPS drivers know how hard we had to work. Got my roommate job with UPS, he quit in one week. Works FedEx now. Another friend lasted one week, quit from stress and is now a Walnut Creek Police Detective. She says it is less stressful than UPS.
    Be careful what you wish for! UPS is not for everyone! Starting out, our territory was Vallejo to San Ramon, and Discovery Bay to Caldecott tunnel. All those cities in that area. You might drive any city, any day, with a map and a full package car of 400 pkgs, 120 delivery stops and 60 pickup stops on an industrial route. Good luck if you had never been to that city! If you had a residential route, you might have 300 delivery stops and 400 packages. 95% of UPS drivers run their butts off and are in great shape. They always have a sense of urgency or they don’t keep their jobs. The remaining 5% wear kneepads and kiss ass.

  19. Leo Rodolfo says:

    As usual, unions and so-called “organized labor” will eat itself from within until it implodes.

    Oh, I almost forgot: F–U–C. K unions and “organized labor”.

  20. Paul Robb says:

    Don’t worry you poor over worked union members. Unions have a perfect track record of killing the jobs of their members. Your days of working any hours as a driver will be over much sooner than you think. The robots are coming to take every one of these positions. They will out produce the drivers, never call in sick, never go on strike, and will have a dramatically lower cost of labor than you. So don’t despair, you poor poor drivers. You’ll not have to endure this torture much longer. Of course you could simply quit now and find a different job. Why don’t you do that?

  21. UPS will sink as a company if they don’t step up and get the work done.

  22. Stan Bowers says:

    Average UPS driver makes $26 an hour which works out to $1040 a week. 30 hours of time and a half is $1170….hard to complain about making $2210 for 5-6 weeks a year.


  24. Joann Ashfaq says:

    No one knows the job but the employee who is doing it. no judgment here,
    I know many who’d love more work, but if there is pressure to do more than people want to do for fear of losing the job or other issues within the work environment, that’s not right. I always heard they hire only part-time drivers. Guess that’s changed, So are we saying UPS is pressuring/forcing overtime? I’d think to pay overtime is more expensive than hiring for reg. wages so if they are paying OT all year that is odd. There are lots of people who would love a job. What’s up with THAT UPS??? Just curious about this whole thing. You would think companies Hiring practices, company expectations and job descriptions would be open and out there before employment begins. So many people get a job and it is nothing like expected, it’s a promise between us and them. and we all have such high hope for a great job. How disappointing to be miserable at work. I love my work, Our bosses owe us job satisfaction along with our wages or they end up losing as well. Driver’s always seem to be unhappy, bus, van or any truck drivers. I’ve seen and heard it. I think you UPS guys are great, you should work the hours you can. I know you do work awfully long days though, and I’m sure that when work feels like your only life, it makes life, hard work.

  25. Joe Pelley says:

    And this is why Fed Ex is non-union…. If you don’t like it, find a job elsewhere…

  26. Chris Enoch says:

    Ages ago I worked for UPS. We always looked forward to the extra hours…and money for Christmas,

  27. dlethe says:

    They are highly skilled truck drivers who go where the computer tells them to go and deliver products where the computer tells them to deliver. (I’m not sure if the computer tells them when to drop anything).

    It would take years to replace one of these drivers. The union has all the cards. It isn’t as if a truck can drive itself, or they can figure out a way to use drones to deliver something.

    They’ll probably strike and the UPS management will never be able to find somebody who can drive a truck.

  28. I think you UPS guys are great, you should work the hours you can. I know you do work awfully long days though, and I’m sure that when work feels like your only life, it makes life, hard work.

  29. David Lamb says:

    This is why delivery companies are testing drones for delivery. They don’t complain, they only have to be recharged, and they don’t go on strike.
    It’s not like the drivers aren’t getting OverTime to put a lot of extra cash in their pockets. It’s not like they are working in an unhealthy environment of coal mines or old steel mills.
    “Teamster who usually show up for work 45 minutes early” — HAHAHAHA! Don’t worry, they also leave 45 minutes early when their relief arrives. I’ve definitely seen that as well! People trying to make an argument only tell 1/2 the story!

  30. Merry Christmas to all!. There is no “they” here. As a 35 year UPS Teamster we will deliver Christmas inspite of poor management and ignorant comments here. Yes the work week is excessive and hard on families too. Noone wants our jobs only the pay and benefits associated with it. Feel free to apply we need the help!

  31. Diane Dina says:

    Cry babies. Quit if it is so bad. There are a lot of real hard-working truck drives who would love those jobs.

  32. People in these comments want to be worked to death for nothing. Bootlickers need to open their eyes to how workers are exploited.

  33. Since the contract dictates no more than 3 days of 9.5 in a five day span it’s impossible. Would also risk violating federal law with 14 hour days. Makes you question the drivers intelligence for believing the local president. Sad that Local 25 employees are such lemmings, or the union president flunked math.

  34. That should be optional to work that many hours, but to force them is wrong. This is poorly planned by UPS front office. Fatigue driving is putting the public at risk. Really, mandatory 14 hr work day. Give me a break.

  35. Jesus Christ you bootlickers are insane.

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