TRURO (CBS) – Henry, a family dog, is recovering after being accidentally shot by a hunter as the dog walked with its owner in the woods.

“Henry is expected to have a full recovery and return home to his family tomorrow,” police said in a statement.

truro Hunter Accidentally Shoots Family Dog

(Image Credit: Truro Police Department Facebook page)

Police responded to a wooded area near the Pine Grove Cemetery in south Truro after receiving a 911 call on Friday afternoon, about 2:30 p.m. from a resident reporting that his Weimaraner dog had been shot by a hunter.

The cemetery borders Cape Cod National Seashore boundaries, where hunting is permitted. The hunter, a Forestdale resident, told police he thought the dog was a deer running through the woods.

When officers and animal control officials responded, they found the dog owner, his two dogs in the back of the vehicle, and two hunters who remained on scene.

Henry, one of the dogs, had a visible gunshot wound to its right upper leg and was taken to a veterinary hospital for treatment, police said.

A preliminary investigation found that the dog owner, dressed in a camouflage jacket, went for a walk with his dogs off-leash. The dog owner told police both dogs were running through the woods when he heard a single gunshot and then a yelp. Both dogs ran from the woods to him.

The dog owner saw that one of his dogs had been shot, and he yelled for the hunter to come out of the woods. The hunter complied. Neither dog was wearing a blaze orange vest or bandana.

The hunter is properly licensed and is cooperating with police as they investigate with the assistance of the state Environmental Police, police said.

Police are urging citizens to wear blaze orange, and also put an orange vest or bandana on their pets, when walking in wooded areas for greater visibility.

Comments (2)
  1. Illegal to hunt deer with rifle or handgun.
    Must wear 500 sq. in of hunter orange on chest, back, and head.
    Hunter was outside of deer hunting season dates for primitive firearms / shotgun.

  2. Do the police bother to urge hunters to
    • positively identify what they shoot,
    • know their locations and the regulations applicable there,
    • obey relevant laws,

    If not, why not?

    I can think of innocent explanations,like not knowing whence hunters will show up, inability to locate hunters throughout an area, inability to communicate with hunters in Old Norse, Hmong or Klingon, or just one cop for 50000 square miles of impassable wilderness, and repeating the same reason with different wording.

    I can also think of less innocent reasons, like it’s like talking to a wall (like), danger of getting shot by people intending to exercise their Ghu-given right to wipe out some local wildlife(*), all the cops are hunters too, so they’re on official (or not) leave to wipe out some local wildlife, everyone’s too drunk to handle details like obeying the law, or Sasquatch doesn’t believe in this whole non-vegetarian thing anyway.

    _ _ _ _ _
    (*) Not passing judgment on the pros or cons of wiping out wildlife. I can think of several species that don’t belong in them thar woods, some that for good reasons or bad are too abundant for any hope of ecological equilibrium, and others simply too delicious to pass up. Conversely, a true “sport” should involve sending hunters naked and unarmed into the winter woods, and the elks get AK-47s with high-capacity magazines. Also some uppers . . . And something to give them a bad attitude: that’s key.

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