BOSTON (CBS) — An anonymous donator dropped an expensive piece of jewelry in a Salvation Army Red Kettle in Boston, continuing an act that is now becoming a tradition.

A diamond-and-gold fish brooch, worth nearly $5,000, was found on November 29 at the Macy’s at Downtown Crossing.

The Salvation Army’s Massachusetts Divisional Commander Major David B. Davis said, the “gift is a reminder that there are hidden heroes throughout the Commonwealth, and we are grateful to them and all donors, large or small, who embody the spirit of the season and help us support individuals and families in need.”

The brooch is made of 18k gold and 32 diamonds. It weighs 1.589 carats.

salvation army jewelry donation Brooch Worth $5,000 Anonymously Donated To Salvation Army Red Kettle

A gold and diamond brooch found in a Salvation Army Red Kettle (Photo Courtesy: Salvation Army)

In 2014, a widow donated wedding rings in memory of her husband, inspiring others to do the same each year.

“It’s clear that our first jewelry donor in 2014 touched the hearts of a lot of people through her gift,” said Davis. “Her act of generosity has inspired dozens of people every year since to contribute in a major way to our goal of providing coats and warm meals to individuals in need this winter.”

A Rolex watch and other valuable pieces of jewelry have been donated in the past two years as well. In total, nearly $70,000 has been raised in jewelry donations alone since 2014.

The brooch, along with any other jewelry found, will be auctioned off.


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